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SEMA 2017 Coverage: New Product – The Edelbrock AVS2 Series Carb Is A New Generation Of An Old Favorite

SEMA 2017 Coverage: New Product – The Edelbrock AVS2 Series Carb Is A New Generation Of An Old Favorite

If you are a company like Edebrock that has developed and marketed some of the coolest products in the history of the aftermarket, change can be a scary thing. After all, pieces like the simple and tough as nails AVS carb are literal staples of the high performance industry and something that the company literally moves tens of thousands of a year. That means any changes to it need to be rock solid improvements, not guesses that could detract from the user experience. Well, Edelbrock has done it, updating the classic AVS carb with annular flow primary boosters rather than the down leg style used previously.

This annular flow design provides more precise calibration for off idle performance and better efficiency when cruising as well. The fine people from Edelbrock will tell you all about it below.

We think it is pretty awesome in the day and age of fuel injection overload that Edelbrock is still looking out for its core audience and making changes to parts that have been mainstays for many, many years. That’s the right way to do business in our book.

Edelbrock AVS2 Series Carburetor

TORRANCE, CA – Edelbrock is excited to announce the AVS2 Series as the next generation of their carburetor product line. The AVS2 carburetor features annular flow primary boosters with a new calibration for improved off-idle and cruising performance.

The annular flow booster design delivers improved fuel atomization to eliminate flat spots that may be encountered when the carburetor transitions from idle to full throttle. Each annular booster features eight, equally-spaced orifices to improve fuel metering from idle to the main. The improved flow metering makes this carburetor ideal for use with a wide variety of small-block and big-block engines with either dual- or single-plane intake manifolds.

This new square-flange carburetor is available in 650 cfm with electric choke (#1906) or manual choke (#1905). These carburetors also feature: metering jets – Primary .101, Secondary .098; metering jets – .070 x .037; step-up spring – orange (5” Hg). Like the Edelbrock Thunder Series AVS carburetor, this new design also retains the Air Valve Secondary for quick fine tuning across the RPM range for optimal performance.

AVS2 carburetors are intended for use on pre-pollution controlled vehicles only. This includes all vehicles that were manufactured before emissions control regulations were imposed.

Features Include:

  • Annular flow primary boosters for improved fuel atomization from idle to full throttle
  • Booster features eight equally-spaced orifices to improve fuel metering
  • Can potentially improve mileage in some applications
  • Available in 650 cfm with electric choke (#1906), and manual choke (#1905)
  • Manufactured at the Edelbrock Carburetor facility in Sanford, North Carolina for absolute quality and performance

For more information visit www.edelbrock.com

About Edelbrock

Founded in 1938, Torrance-based Edelbrock, LLC is recognized as one of the nation’s premier designers, manufacturers and distributor of performance replacement parts for the automotive aftermarket. Edelbrock produces their core products in the United States of America using state-of-the-art equipment in their world class manufacturing facilities. Edelbrock, LLC encompasses five locations in Southern California and one location in North Carolina totaling more than 500,000 square feet.  For more information, visit www.edelbrock.com

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