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Evel Knievel Scramble Van trailer is up for sale with an opening bid of just $650!

Evel Knievel Scramble Van trailer is up for sale with an opening bid of just $650!

A month or so ago, we ran a story on the Evel Knievel Scramble Van trailer that resurfaced in Worcester, Massachusetts. Now it’s up on eBay with a low opening bid. Lohnes is gonna be on this like a hobo on a ham and cheese.


As you may recall, the trailer was part of Evel Knievel’s convoy when he jumped a bunch of U-Haul trucks at Fitton Field at Holy Cross College in Worcester. It was left to Come Play Products, a Worcester toy manufacturer which produced a lot of Evel-related merchandise for kids in the 1970s.  “I guess Evel used it for all the garb that went with the Scramble Van setup,” says Anthony Brooks, who owns Brooks Brothers Salvage and Blue Collar Vintage Salvage in Worcester, who — as of yesterday — now owns the Scramble Van trailer. “[Come Play Products] procured it from him for use in merchandise promotion.”

From the description on eBay: “It is a 28′ Strick single axle aluminum sided box trailer with rear roll-up door that does work fine. The trailer rolls fine but the brakes are disabled as it sits. It is not all rotted out and has only one quarter size hole in the roof which would repair easily. Floor is solid wood. Evel had a relationship with a Worcester based toy company I’m told and left this trailer with them for promotional use after he did an exhibition jump at Holy Cross College in 1976. I have no paper proof of any of the history but have faith in the story as corroborated by local lore and the trailers’ existence here in the city since the Holy Cross jump. Trailer to be sold solely with a bill of sale. You would need a single axle tractor to move the trailer as it has a short head to gear distance or have it put on a lowbed trailer.”

5-12-2014 12-42-21 PM

It looks like Anthony is ready to move the trailer down the road, because it’s listed on eBay with an opening bid of just $650. We’d love to see some enterprising Evel fan pick this thing up and restore it to its original condition.



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3 thoughts on “Evel Knievel Scramble Van trailer is up for sale with an opening bid of just $650!

  1. 440 6pac

    When was the last time that thing moved? The buyer might have to rebulid the running gear just to get it home.

  2. Scott Liggett

    When I saw the opening pic of this blog, I was excited as I had the toy version of the Scramble Van.

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