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Hot Summer Sun Meant Lots Of Hot Rods At The NHRA Prolong Twilight Cruise And We’ve Got Tons Of Photos

Hot Summer Sun Meant Lots Of Hot Rods At The NHRA Prolong Twilight Cruise And We’ve Got Tons Of Photos

This month’s NHRA Prolong Twilight Cruise at the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum had a huge turn out. It’s always packed at the show, but this one was extra busy thanks to mid 80 degree temps, clear skies, and …. errr ….wait… that’s what our weather is all the time. Hmmmm. Okay, so the Prolong Twilight Cruise was packed because IT ALWAYS IS! Officially this thing kicks off at 4pm and goes until 8. WRONG! There are people there starting before noon on the first Wednesday of each month, and ¬†there isn’t a chance you’ll get a spot if you roll in after 3:30.

What you’ll see if you attend is everything from drag cars to traditional hot rods, customs to muscle cars, and even some Pintos! This is an event that draws the regulars for sure, but there is always something new to see there as well. We ran into Robb McIntosh again yesterday, and his awesome Chevelle pictured below. You can see a full feature on this car next week right here on BangShift.com. There are several other cars at the Prolong Twilight Cruise that we’ll be featuring soon as well.

If you are in the Pomona area on the first Wednesday of each month, April through December, then you have to come by for an NHRA Prolong Twilight Cruise. You won’t be disappointed. They even sell food and beer there! Oh and they give out awards too. And our buddy Dave McClelland is your host for the entire afternoon, where after 3 pm admission to the museum is free and Gale Banks Engineering gives a different subject Tech Talk each month.

It really is an event you can’t afford to miss. All the cool kids in SoCal are there each month.


Our buddy Irv brought out the chopped and channeled ’35 Ford Pickup at the top of the page, and of course we saw the Pinto we drool over each month. We finally met the owner Glen, and are working on a date for a full feature shoot on this little street terror.

NHRA Prolong Twilight Cruise June 2014033

Look for a full feature on Robb McIntosh’s bitchin ’71 Chevelle coming soon. It’s an amazing car, and the photos and locations make it even more spectacular. Stay tuned!

NHRA Prolong Twilight Cruise June 2014059

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