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Cherry Bomb on the Power Tour Trail

Cherry Bomb  on the Power Tour Trail

One of the coolest parts of the Power Tour is the fact that there are so many companies involved, and not just involved by throwing money at the event, but actually cruising their own junk! Matt Graves and the wild bunch from Cherry Bomb are out there on the Power Tour this year doing just that! 

Cherry Bomb is one of the awesome sponsors we have here at BangShift.com and like us, their a bunch of whack jobs. When we heard from Matt, he was recapping the Cherry Bomb crew’s day one fun and getting ready to cruise their bitchin’ Hemi-powered, slick tire equipped, Dodge truck 300 miles on day two. 

You’ve got to love these guys.

Here’s a link to their photos from the event

Here’s a link to the Cherry Bomb Facebook page where they are also sharing their adventures

Honest Charlie hot rod 

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