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Gallery: The 2012 Car Craft Anti-Tour Kick Off Car Show

Gallery: The 2012 Car Craft Anti-Tour Kick Off Car Show

(Photos by Scott Liggett) – You just read about Scott Liggett’s adventure on the 2012 Car Craft Anti-Tour. He did a great job of relaying his experience on the adventure and shot a bunch of awesome photos. We stuck a link in his item to this gallery but we thought it was so good that we’d also point you to it this way as well. From Brian Rock’s killer GTO to the Buick of BangShifter Randal Burns, there was something for everybody at this event. The end destination was a cool car show up in Morrow Bay, California so there was no massive thrashes, blown up parts, or drag strip victims. As cool as that stuff is, there’s something to be said for having a relaxing weekend with friends and great cars.

Hit the link below to see Scott’s gallery from the 2012 Car Craft Anti-Tour kick off car show!


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4 thoughts on “Gallery: The 2012 Car Craft Anti-Tour Kick Off Car Show

  1. Anthony

    Between the 65 Biscayne here and the Pontiac in the other thread I drooled allover my shirt.

    1. Scott Liggett

      Bangshift takes no responsibility for destroyed clothing or computers from drooling over pictures and videos.

      Keep an eye out for that 65 Biscayne in CC.

  2. Birdman

    Wow, nice pics, Scott.

    In the first page of pics, you have an interior shot of what I believe is an early ’60’s Mopar wagon w/ period luggage, etc. True?

    Looks like a GOOD time was had by all!

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