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Gallery: The Connecting Rods Car Club Cruise – June 2012

Gallery: The Connecting Rods Car Club Cruise – June 2012

I’ve been remiss in some of my cruise reporting duties thus far in 2012, so it was good to sneak out on Friday night with my sons and father in law to hit a local cruise in Halifax, Massachusetts that is put on by the Connecting Rods car club. This was the biggest one I could remember with more than 550 cars showing up to hang out, enjoy the weather, much burgers, and smell unburnt hydrocarbons. From classic Jags to old drag cars, this one packs them into a side and grass lot at a Wal Mart of all places. Location doesn’t matter much with cruise nights, the people and the cars make ’em  cool.

We often bring you coverage from the mammoth bi-monthly cruise in Foxboro, Massachusetts so it was nice to hit one that is less crowded, more relaxed, and in some ways, more varied than even the mighty Mass Cruisers night. There was a truly limited amount of late model stuff and although we have no problem with anyone wanting to show off their junk, we dig checking out iron that hasn’t been available for new dealer purchase for decades.

We’re going to be back to this cruise when time allows. It is a great time and there is always cool stuff to see!

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3 thoughts on “Gallery: The Connecting Rods Car Club Cruise – June 2012

  1. Grippo

    Great Ceaser’s Ghost that ‘Vette kicks total ass!
    And those jackets in that killer Belvedere had me drooling, great stuff….

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