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Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Cooked Spindles, Big Tires, and High Pants

Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Cooked Spindles, Big Tires, and High Pants




As the Power Tour rolls across America we’re getting cool and hilarious installments from Power Tour participants from the road. In this installment of our Guerilla Power Tour coverage you’ll see busted parts, huge tires, high pants, and even some nose pickin’. Seriously.

And we’re off!


Sent by BangShift.com reader James Bishir Monday, June 7, 4:44PM

These tires are in case he drives onto a lake he can float to safety.

Big meats! 

Sent in BangShift.com readers Justin and Nancy Gruskiewicz, Monday, June 7, 1:13AM

This is what my spindle looked like when I finally got it torn apart in Toledo on Friday morning. Only made it about 200 miles from home. Special thanks to my mom and especially to my dad for trailering out my moms car and draging mine back home. Now we can do the entire tour in hers. Extra points for him because he had to put a tire(well, 3) on my trailer on the way out because of a blow-out. We wish we could be in our car this year again, but everything is going great and we’re finally relaxing. -Justin(88ponypowr)

Three legged horse! 

cooked spindle 

Sent by BangShift.com reader James Bishir, Monday June 7, 4:16PM

This is just a cool photo!

James Bishir cruising in his GN 

This was not submitted by anyone, but it is too hilarious not to share. Here’s Chad and the lovely Daphne with Chip Foose. Look over Chad’s shoulder at the guy giving himself a frontal lobotomy with his finger.

Nose picker! 

Sent by BangShift.com reader Blake Brady, Sunday, June 7, 11:24PM

This is Bob. We know Bob, we like Bob, we do struggle with his wardrobe decisions on occasion though.

Bob in high pants! 


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