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Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Good Times, Near Misses, Chad Holds Court

Guerilla Power Tour Coverage:  Good Times, Near Misses, Chad Holds Court




With the first “official day of the 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour in the books we wanted to give you another great load of Power Tour news, stories, and Power Tour pictures. We’re hella jealous of Chad and Daphne who are operating the BangShift.com mobile command center and whooping it up with all the crazies on the tour and shooting great photo galleries, which can be seen here

Without further adieu, here are another load of stories and pictures from the road!

Sent by BangShift reader Bonecrusher, Friday June 4, 10:35PM

“Karma is a B… you jacka$$”….. Thats the title of my first day. I said that to a guy on on I65 north between Louisville an Indianapolis this afternoon.Guy in a pickup truck hauling a John Deere tractor cut me off, and basically wouldn’t let me go around him.

About 5 miles later he got a flat and blew out both rear tires on the right side on his trailer. I slowed down enough to avoid most of it, a chunk did bounce off my roof, but I didn’t see any damage. Thats my first day. I’m in central IL now, it was a 11 hr drive from NC to IL. We leave for Newton in the AM. I drove 716 miles today, 2 tanks of gas, and I got 32mpg! Not bad for 400 hp, 6 gears, and 150 lbs of crap packed in the hatch of my C6!

32mpg Vette 

Sent by BangShift.com reader David Miller, June 5, 8:08PM

Attached is a picture of Chad, hitting a high C as he sang the National Anthem.  After this effort he gave us the good news about shade and free icy cold water for Forum Freaks at the motor home.  Which is truly appreciated, of course.  We all had a great day. (editor’s note: please continue to send photos of Chad “working” we like the proof. HA!)

Chad hitting a high note 

Sent by BangShift reader James Bishir June 5, 3:59PM

It’s not official until you get your sticker!

2010 Power Tour sticker 

Sent by BangShift.com reader Jerry Forthofer, Saturday June 5, 1:08AM

(Editor’s Note: Jerry is blogging about his trip and the adventures along the way. He’s doing a great job and there’s already been some compelling events to read about!)

I lost the transmission in my Camaro, but will complete the tour in another car. We met up friends and then the Richmond six-speed gave up. Luckily a neighbor bailed me out! (click the link below to read the whole story)

Jerry’s blog 

Jerry's Camaro and friends before the trans went out 

Sent by BangShift.com reader OleTrux4Evr, June 5, 9:21AM

Ed sent us a link to a gallery photos he shot from a gathering of Power Tour participants at a VA Hospital in Marshalltown, Iowa on Friday. Ed said that about 50 cars stopped in and the vets all really enjoyed it! Hit the link below to see the photos.

VA Hospital Power Tour show gallery 

BangShift.com member cars

Sent by BangShift.com reader ARSPromotions, Sunday June 6, 12:56AM

(Editor’s note: Dave Amy Dayton of ARS Promotions are blogging about their personal adventure working on and following the 2010 Power Tour)

Click here to read their blog 

2010 Power Tour Newton Iowa 

Sent by BangShift.com reader Dave Bishir, Saturday June 5, 4:59PM

As Dave’s photo proves the Hot Rod Power Tour is far more than just parking at a car show. Every stop along the way has awesome stuff for participants to do. How about lapping a speedway! Dave also sent us a shot of the cleared out parking lot in Newton, Iowa, once the rains hit.

Power Tour participants on the speedway 

End of the day in Newton 

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