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Former Mopar Racer Larry Morgan to Run a Ford in Pro Stock for 2010

Former Mopar Racer Larry Morgan to Run a Ford in Pro Stock for 2010

In a surprise announcement, 10-year Mopar Pro Stock competitor Larry Morgan said that he is making the switch to Ford for 2010. Ford, once a strong competitor in the class with Bob Glidden carrying the company banner, has been notably missing from the Pro Stock wars in any capacity for several years.

This is not a factory sponsored effort, but Morgan will have factory help developing a Ford Pro Stock motor and the associated parts. Maryland-based Jim Cunningham has been the lone Ford competitor in the division recently (Erica Enders raced with him for a short time, driving his Mustang).

This is exciting news in the respect that Ford is showing some signs of life in drag racing. Even small amounts of positive news are enough to get us smiling these days.

Here’s the press release from Morgan:

“We are very excited to be involved with Ford Racing and think this is a great opportunity for myself and everyone here at Larry Morgan Racing Inc.,”

“I am looking forward to working closely with Ford Racing Engineering in the design of new cylinder heads and blocks necessary to bring their Pro Stock program to the top of the class.”

Morgan is expected to unveil his 2010 Mustang later this season for testing.

“Our goal is to have a Ford motor completed and be testing by Indy,” said Morgan in that same press release. “I want to go into the 2010 season with a competitive engine program and a competitive race car, and I think the switch to Ford will allow me to do that.”

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