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Gearhead Destination: Beech Bend Raceway

Gearhead Destination: Beech Bend Raceway

Having just recently returned from a weekend at what is definitely a track in the top five coolest strips in America, we’d be crazy to let this chance to talk a little more about it slip by.

Beech Bend Raceway has a long and storied history, starting back in the 1940’s and 1950’s with the construction of the 1/3 mile circle track which sits behind the drag strip, and the construction of a (then) dirt strip. The dirt strip was operated through the middle 1950’s and eventually the paved strip that competitors race on today was added to the facility.

During that era, the covered grand stands that the track is most knoow for were constructed. These stands include individual wooden seats that make this track the Fenway Park of drag strips. The history of the facility just oozes out of those covered stands. They provide some welcome respite from the sweltering heat during the day as well.

Another fantastic thing about this place is the proximity that spectators get to the actual track. You’d be hard pressed to find another strip that places you closer to a snorting nitro car than Beech Bend. If you are a fence hanger, you’re within 20 feet of the track and your snoot is going to a full load of spent nitro.

Completing the package is the rolling green hills that meet visitors pulling in, the amusement park that stands over the track on top of the hill, and the fact that the entire place is completely surrounded by massive old Beech trees and other greenery.

Having been lucky enough to see many strips from sea to sea, there really is nothing like Beech Bend. If you have the chance to race there, jump all over it, if you have the chance to spectate there, do not think too long on it, Just do it. You’ll be glad you did. It is a true piece of Americana and a fantastic piece of asphalt to test your mettle on.

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Covered stands at Beech Bend

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