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Hellcat Pricing Leaked: Under $60K! How Much More Good News Can Dodge Release This Year?

Hellcat Pricing Leaked: Under $60K! How Much More Good News Can Dodge Release This Year?

We’re convinced that someone in Chrysler is laying out press releases like they’re laying out a killer poker hand. First we were told that the Challenger Hellcat, Chrysler’s answer to the Shelby GT500 and Camaro ZL1 was coming, and we smiled a little. It was nice to see Mopar finally get into the game and stir up the competition. Then the power figures were released. Our eyebrows raised up and our smiles became Cheshire Cat-like evil grins. Over 700hp out of the supercharged Hemi was like a mail bomb at Ford and GM’s doorstep. But one last mystery (at least that we’re aware of) remained: How much would it cost? Speculation put it north of $70,000, which would set it next to the Camaro Z/28, which while not cheap, would still beat the Camaro’s horsepower number.

Once again, we were wrong. The actual number is $59,500. That places it price-wise just above ZL1 and GT500, and well below the Z/28.

hellcat pricing

Picture courtesy Jalopnik.com

At this point, forget the other muscle cars for a second. The car this competes with power-wise closest is the Lamborghini Aventador. Starting price on the psychotic Italian doorstop? $387,000. Difference in power? THREE FREAKING HORSEPOWER. No kidding. The Lambo sits at 710hp.

We think Dodge has the muscle car thing down for now, or at least until Ford unloads that beast that, until we hear otherwise, is the GT350.R. Who will make the next move?

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9 thoughts on “Hellcat Pricing Leaked: Under $60K! How Much More Good News Can Dodge Release This Year?

  1. N2O Hemi

    Now, how much will greedy dealers tack on? Local dealer added $5000 to price of new Z28.

  2. 440 6Pac

    Manufacturers need to lean on greedy dealers that tack on to the sticker price. I refuse to pay the dealer markup and make the dealer take it off the price up front. If they don’t I walk. I’ve found out how hungry my local dealers are several times. They usually take it off.

  3. Arrow1100

    If my ass was sitting on $ 60 000 I’m all over that !
    God it looks good too !
    I would bet that it would go though the roof in 20 years like the original Hemi
    Oh I would have to check out the MPG before I would lay that kind of money down 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And then seek out Priuses and EVs to park beside 🙂

  4. ksj2

    If you are interested in one that is no higher than MSRP Contact Lee at Laukemper Motors in Mound City MO.Its a short drive from KC.402-613-8788.

    1. 440 6Pac

      I’m not interested in buying the car. I just want a Hellcat engine for the 2009 Challenger SRT I already have.

      1. Burner303

        I want one for my Magnum SRT. I am fairly sure they will release a crate motor. I’m guessing it will be around 20k. Anyone need a kidney?

  5. ksj2

    How about that drivetrain in a rear wheel drive “K” car? Give it a few months and Im sure there will be drivetrains available from wrecked ones on Coparts.

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