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CraigsList Find: 1972 AMC Javelin Pierre Cardin edition

CraigsList Find: 1972 AMC Javelin Pierre Cardin edition

Javelins are awesome. Not only did Mark Donohue wring them out in Trans Am competition, but they’re the perfect car if you happen to live in a geodesic dome. They’re weird, wacky and the antidote for the more popular pony cars you run into at every traffic light. This one’s in fair shape at a fairly reasonable price, but the cool part is, it’s the Pierre Cardin edition with that insane interior.

00606_66Mo8mFFwgT_600x450During the 1972 and 1973 model years, 4,152 AMC customers coughed up an additional $84.95 for an optional interior design package conjured up by fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

The design featured multi-colored pleated stripes in red, plum, white, and silver on a black background. Six multi-colored stripes, in a nylon fabric with a stain-resistant silicone finish, ran from the front seats, up the doors, onto the headliner, and down to the rear seats. Pierre Cardin’s crest appeared in special emblems on the front fenders.


00t0t_b0rJfaEV4Xn_600x450It’s difficult to tell from the pictures what the exact color is, or whether it was the original color, but if it is Midnight Black, and it is the original color, it’s supposed to be one only a dozen that were painted that color. Most were Trans Am Red, Snow White, Stardust Silver, Diamond Blue, or Wild Plum.


This isn’t in great shape, but it’s showing minimal rust and the headliner looks like it’s all in place. One seat needs work, but a good upholsterer could take that on. The car’s weirdly optioned with a 304 and a three-speed manual.


$3,800 is a lot of beans for something in this condition, but drive the price down into the $2,500 range and you could have a super-cool restoration project.


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10 thoughts on “CraigsList Find: 1972 AMC Javelin Pierre Cardin edition

  1. starterguy

    I know a guy with a black one with the Pierre Cardin option and the AMX option as well. Doesn’t drive it anymore but really neat looking.

  2. Dave Allen

    I know someone with a red javelin with that interior, last time i saw it was better than the one here 😛

  3. Lotta Juice

    Beware of AMC products, harder to find parts than a Tucker. Some use Bronco brake cylinders and other parts from the Big Three auto makers of the time.

    Offer $1500

  4. GuitarSlinger

    From the Department of Corrections ; 😉

    ‘ Some ‘ Javelin’s are ” awesome ” . As in some years and some models . But definitely NOT this one ! Eeesh . I’m trying to decide which is worse . The model year … The fact that its a Pierre Cardin so called special edition with that tastelessly vulgar interior … Or that the car is such a ___box due obviously to years of neglect and abuse .

    So make it $800 , a couple years Resto Modifying the thing and at least $30,000 or so in parts and labor to make this worth a damn .

    In other words – Just Say No … You’ll be glad you did !

    The 70’s . Eeesh .. again ! Between Disco , BeeGee’s ABBA , portly Pony Cars , Hideous cloths and hair styles , John Travolta , ExUrban development , Nixon , Watergate etc etc …. An era best left forgotten all the way around . The only thing good back then was some of the auto racing going on in the world and the introduction of Doonesbury to the funny pages .

    1. GuitarSlinger

      PS; 68 – 70 Javelins are the only ones to have . The 71 on forward becoming an overweight ill handling travesty of its former self .

  5. GuitarSlinger

    Not in my book . At least not from that list ! By the way … I was referring to what was established and active in the 70’s .. not born then !

  6. Scott Liggett

    The Javelin had an unique design among the Pony cars.

    AMC and other brands were bringing in designers to bring attention to their brand and wow factor. Recenlty seen a AMC Pacer with the denim interior.

  7. Craig Ruttwr

    The 70’s were not good to muscle/pony cars.Power was gone,so manufactures tried every trick in the book to keep up sales.Most were tape and decore items trying to replicate the cars heydays.Some worked ok ,some were dismal failures.AMC was known for their wildness.A mildly tweeked Javelin or AMX could be a very cool car,just leave Peirre out of it.

  8. Frank Lewis

    Hello, is this Amc Javelin still for sale? I was for 25 years owner of a Amc Javelin sst from ’71. I miss my baby everyday and look for another maty who can make my days!
    I live in Flevoland (Holland) and hope that some Javelin hit the road here again with my behind the wheel and make my dreams come true?
    Maybe i can do promotions for you ore something else for shipping this car to me? Let me know?

    Kind regards, Frank

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