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It’s Here! FreiburgersJunkyard.com

It’s Friday, November 21, 2008—the very first day of digital life for FreiburgersJunkyard.com. As most of you may know, the “Freiburger” is me, David Freiburger, former editor of magazines such as Hot Rod, Car Craft, Rod & Custom, and 4-Wheel & Off-Road. More recently, I was working at CarJunkieTV.com, a great internet venture that sadly rolled over due to current economic conditions. FreiburgersJunkyard.com is much more of a homegrown effort that’s funded solely by me, but I also have lots of help from my friends and partners Chad Reynolds and Brian Lohnes, both of whom you also know from CarJunkieTV.

We decided to put this site together mostly to create new place for the 2,800 people who made their internet home at our old forum. I was given permission to move the old CarJunkieTV forums here to FreiburgersJunkyard, and we made the switch on November 10. So 11 days of posts have been lost forever, but otherwise you’ll find all the members and topics you used to know at the other site. We also have your familiar moderators Min301 (Bill Vorhees) and Keith Turk.

In addition to the forum, we’ve launched a new blog feature that will include way more than just news. We plan to plug in fun features, project-car updates, road trip adventures, opinion columns, new-parts announcements, and also parts testing. In a week or so we’ll announce a schedule for our regular editorial features so you’ll know what you can expect at a minimum for fresh content every weekday. Every time a blog item goes up there’s a matching post automatically created in the FreiburgersJunkyard Blog portion of the forum so that you can share your opinion on the matter.

We also have photo galleries that will be updated as we have stuff worth sharing. There’s not a lot in there right now, but every time a new gallery goes up we’ll add a blog post announcing it.

Finally, we made a special section where you can keep track of each of our in-house project cars, of which there are too many. We’ll be adding new information and photo galleries to each of those Project Car pages over the next couple weeks.

Many of you who knew this site was coming have asked how we plan to make money from FreiburgersJunkyard.com so it can survive. The first answer is that overhead here is low, so we should be able to be here indefinitely. Second, we don’t have plans for huge revenue instantly, though we do want to sell sponsorship. If you enjoy what we do here, it would help us greatly if you could do everything you can to spread the word and send people to the site. The larger our audience, the greater the chances of us being able to make a living doing this.

Meanwhile, I am looking for regular work and selling freelance words and pics wherever I can. Chad and I are also investigating opening a video agency along with the old AV Kids so we can provide video content for use on web sites, in TV commercials, in sales training, or whatever. We’re also selling cars and parts like madmen. Brian, the lucky dog, has a fulltime job on top of providing you with great blog stuff every day. Chad and Brian will be the sales team for FreiburgersJunkyard, so if you’d like to support us with a banner ad, please email [email protected] and I will hook you up with one of them.

So that’s our story. If there’s anything we can do to solve site glitches or make the content better, please contact us at [email protected] Meanwhile, we hope you stick around and enjoy the new FreiburgersJunkyard.com! 

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