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Lohnes’ Pic of the Week: Blown V8 Drag Bike, With a Powerglide!

Lohnes’ Pic of the Week: Blown V8 Drag Bike, With a Powerglide!

I first ran across Mike Charlton and his insane creation, Quasi-Moto, at the 2002 Gasser Reunion at Thompson Drag Raceway in Thompson, Ohio. It’s quite obviously not a typical motorcycle. In fact, it’s not even a typical V-8 motorcycle, if there is such a thing.

This sucker has a blown 350 that, through the magic of some jackshafts and pulleys, is connected to a Powerglide transmission, which drives its large rear tire. It’s freaking awesome.

The top photo shows Charlton being towed up the return road. You can see that the drive belt is missing. I’m not sure if that’s because it had to be removed to be towed or if it broke on the track during the run.

The bottom photo shows Charlton, doing what he does best, destroying a tire.

My memory is that the bike did not stage and make a typical run, but instead rolled through the water and at the point where he reached the tree Charlton went WFO and smoked the rear tire the entire length of the track.

Here’s the reason I dug up these photos: The bike is for sale. It’s on RacingJunk for $28,000. We don’t have the guts to buy it but maybe you do.

Also, Charlton is set to make an attempt at the motorcycle land speed record at Bonneville in September in a turbine-powered, two-wheel, streamliner-looking creation. If he’s not your hero yet, here’s a Charlton quote from a story on the Bonneville bike:

“I know we have the horsepower. I know I have the balls. But any sane man would tell you we don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell.”

This is a special guy.

Mike Charlton Quasi-Moto

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