American Powertrain Announces ProFit Transmission Systems For 1967-1979 Ford F-100 Trucks

American Powertrain Announces ProFit Transmission Systems For 1967-1979 Ford F-100 Trucks

It ain’t just about C10s anymore, kids! It is not news to anyone that classic half ton trucks of all varieties have become some of the hottest things in the world of hot rodding. Guys are building them as cruisers, as pro touring rigs, and as stuff to just burn tires off of and have fun with. All of those options are more fun when the truck has a stick in it and thankfully your prayers have been answered by the guys at American Powertrain and their ProFit transmission system for 1967-1979 F-100 trucks.

Like all oft he American Powertrain ProFit systems, this one includes the transmission and literally every part you need to make the conversion to a modern overdrive unit. From the axle to the back of the block, you are covered. Retail starts at $3395 with transmission and as you can see below, there’s a LOT of value in this system!

American Powertrain Announces Turnkey ProFit Transmission Systems for 1967-1979 Ford F-100 Pick-Ups

Cookeville, TN – February 16, 2017 – Because the Ford F-100 has followed other classic trucks with a huge surge in popularity as a muscle rod or pro-touring build, American Powertrain has introduced a turn-key ProFit transmission system for 1967-79 F-100 pick-ups.

The kit features the rock solid TREMEC TKO 5-speed with one of our Revolution shifters that allows adjustment for bench or bucket seat shift positions. The kit comes complete with an X-Factor lightweight aluminum crossmember and poly mount, speedometer solution, DOM steel driveshaft assembly, reverse light wiring, engine specific pilot bearing and a 5-speed shift knob.

As with all of American Powertrain’s ProFit transmission installation systems, each component has been developed specifically for classic F-100 pickups and is covered by a comprehensive warranty and our Customer First tech support.  Systems are in stock and retail starting at $3395, including the transmission.

F-100 5-Speed (1)


American Powertrain exists to help muscle car owners equip their cars with modern drivetrain technology, offering overdrive transmission systems, hydraulic clutch kits and a wide range of drivetrain related parts from diff to block. Since American Powertrain opened for business, we have quickly become the world’s largest TREMEC dealer. Our installation parts and systems are proudly made right here in America for unmatched quality. Our staff of highly experienced enthusiasts has years of experience helping car owners and builders make the right drivetrain choices.


For more information visit To speak with one of our highly qualified technicians, call 931-646-4836. For weekend and holiday calls, reach our call back service at 423-773-9789.






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5 thoughts on “American Powertrain Announces ProFit Transmission Systems For 1967-1979 Ford F-100 Trucks

  1. 3rd Generation

    Gee, only $ 3400. for a gearbox for my $ 2,000 pickup.

    I’ll just drive my almost perfect $ 19k c6 and use the F100 for dump runs and when it stops – donate it, take the deduction and get another $ 600 one.

    You people are nuts.

  2. David Honea

    My guess is the reason it’s not for FE’s is because it’s too weak to handle the torque. 5 gears is nice, IF it will hold up to the torque. If not, stick to the toploader.

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