Got A RZR? RacePak Is Brining Cool New Stuff To Market Just For You!

Got A RZR? RacePak Is Brining Cool New Stuff To Market Just For You!

There was literally no way to predict the explosive development of the side by side/UTV market when these things started popping up 15 years ago. Initially intended for work around the farm or on large properties, it didn’t take a long time for an aftermarket to grow around them and once that happened, KABOOM. Today these machines are built for all different types of applications, including straight up fun, racing, and for lack of a better term, adventure riding.

The boys at Racepak know that and they know that people are clamoring for ways to stand out from the crowd or in competition ways to keep on top of their vehicle’s condition and that is why they recently dropped this killer teaser video for the upcoming IQ3 dash they are going to release for RZR applications. Of course, nothing gets to market without extensive testing and development work and there may not be a more fun time to be an employee anywhere than “test time”. In this case, the RacePak took their RZR out to the desert and really put the thing through its paces…multiple times. Hell, they may still be testing now!

It is important to note that this is a fully integrated dash that replaces the factory unit and very cleanly mounts the IQ3. We have included a video below the desert fun that shows some of the development work being done so you can really get a sense of what this is. Side by sides are now used for rock crawling, desert racing, mud bogging, sand drags, and if you are out their beating on your stuff, this is going to be the best way to keep tabs on your rig!


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