How It’s Made Video: Aerospace Components Brake Calipers

How It’s Made Video: Aerospace Components Brake Calipers

Later this week we’re going to be showing you a great shop tour at Aerospace Components. This Florida based company has been building some of the nicest, most highly functional, and well engineered racing components in the industry and they have been doing it the right way. From the raw materials that are created here to the machining, final assembly and packaging that are also done in their Florida building, Aerospace Components defines what it means to be made in the USA. Going a step beyond that, the company has many legacy employees who have been there for decades along with Kim and Al, creating, advancing, and generally improving the world of racing.

While the company makes many different components this video concentrates on their brake calipers which they are very well known for. The history of the company is rooted in precision machining and that’s what the hallmark of their calipers are as well. Starting with billet aluminum the final product is nothing short of artwork and nothing short of insanely durable and well respected. Guys like Mike Murillo have relied on Aerospace Components brakes through their careers and we’ve even got an interesting project going with them as well. Stay tuned for more on that!

Watch this video and let the president of Aerospace Components, Kim Kussy take you through the process of creating these awesome brake calipers.

Press play below to see how Aerospace

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One thought on “How It’s Made Video: Aerospace Components Brake Calipers

  1. john

    when the airhearts in my 1968 fed were not worth rebuilding, I contacted aerospace components for a complete disc setup. they were the nicest and easiest business to buy from. they were just wonderful, unlike the west coast company that wouldn’t help me at all.
    another satisfied customer.

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