Love CCW Classic Wheels? We Do Too! More Sizes Mean Your Hot Rod Can Wear Them

Love CCW Classic Wheels? We Do Too! More Sizes Mean Your Hot Rod Can Wear Them

The CCW Classic wheel is one of those designs that looks good on just about every car ever made. There are very few wheels that have ever been produced that you know you can bolt onto a car and five years from that moment won’t look dated. So many deigns are products of their time and basically date a car to a certain trend or era. The CCW Classic? Not so much.

WELD Racing, the parent company of CCW has announced that the company will now produce a 19-inch version of their venerable roller which makes awesome sense for tons of people who have or are building pro touring style muscle cars. The 19″ size is not too huge and it really makes those cars look boss.

CCW wheels are three piece, super high quality, and able to stand up to the rigors of whatever driving you have in mind. Check out release and the photos below!


CCW Expands Product Offering in the Popular Classic Series


Kansas City, Mo. – CCW (Complete Custom Wheels), a manufacturer of premium forged road race, sports car and luxury car wheels, expanded its Classic line offering to include a new 19-inch diameter wheel based on overwhelming customer demand.

The 19-inch Classic wheel retains the original clean, modern design in a larger diameter. The larger size will also accommodate cars with bigger aftermarket brakes. The 19-inch Classic is manufactured as a three-piece modular design with a 40-bolt rolled step lip rim profile. The Classic is the first release in this new series and will include more designs debuting in January.

CCW’s legendary Classic wheel is the most recognizable wheel in the CCW catalog. The timeless styling is the preferred wheel of car owners and vehicle builders all around the world.



About CCW

CCW Forged Performance Wheels is the leader in maximum performance on and off track for sports or pro-touring cars. The company’s custom wheels have been used in competition at tracks around the world on performance vehicles from the Porsche 911 to BMW M3s. Modern muscle cars like the Corvette C6 Z06, Shelby Mustang GT350, Dodge Hellcat Challenger/Charger and Chevy Camaro Z28, get the performance edge and styling boost that made CCW famous.

With its unique design and custom finishes, CCW Forged Performance is a proud member of the WELD family and offers unmatched sports car and road racing performance and style. For more information, phone 386-258-0083 or visit

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