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PRI 2014: MUST SEE! Holley’s HydraMat Just Changed The Fuel System Game In A Big Way!

PRI 2014: MUST SEE! Holley’s HydraMat Just Changed The Fuel System Game In A Big Way!

We seriously didn’t see this coming. Holley is debuting a part on Thursday at the PRI Show that will change fuel systems forever! Seriously. Read on. In the past couple years, fuel system technology has come along way. Bigger, badder, quieter pumps that can be staged, are easier to install, and can supply enough fuel for THOUSANDS of horsepower have become the norm. These advancements have made it kind of hard to surprise us with some fuel system part anymore. Well Holley must have taken that as a challenge, because when we got a sneak peek of Holley’s¬†HydraMat at the PRI Show this evening we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

That phrase “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” came to mind when I saw this. We don’t have all the particulars on what’s going on inside this thing, and even letting the Holley guys buy me a BBQ sandwich for dinner wouldn’t get them loose lipped on the technology, but here’s what we know. The new Holley HydraMat can be made in different shapes and sizes, to be installed in virtually ANY fuel containment device you could come up with. It is a “bladder” that appears to have both a semi porous outer layer that reminds us of a traditional fuel pickup’s sock filter, and inside that there is a second layer that “feels” like some kind of plastic/rubber. It will pick up fuel as long as ANY part of the HydraMat is touching the fuel. It does NOT suck air if only one small section is touching, or is submerged in, fuel. This means that the membrane, or combination of membranes, that this system is made from is liquid permeable, but either not permeable by air or not very good at it.

It’s crazy how this stuff works. Truly impressive to watch, and we’ve watched it first hand. We have the video below to prove this, and are waiting on Holley for the video that they put up in their booth with guys from ARCA telling how well it works.

As you’ll see in the video below, you’ll be able to get these in a variety of shapes and sizes to work in whatever fuel tank or cell you have. We’ll have one going in Daphne’s wagon as soon as they can send one, because we have a challenging fuel pickup in our factory Chevrolet fuel tank. For installation in steel tanks, they have magnets mounted in them to help them stay in place, although we can’t figure out why it would even matter. This thing could be installed in about the worst way possible and still do amazing things.

Watch the video of Holley’s Hydramat, and check out the photos below the video, and we’ll get even more info for you in an update this week.

Holley HydraMat PRI 2014 005 Holley HydraMat PRI 2014 004 Holley HydraMat PRI 2014 003 Holley HydraMat PRI 2014 002 Holley HydraMat PRI 2014 001

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29 thoughts on “PRI 2014: MUST SEE! Holley’s HydraMat Just Changed The Fuel System Game In A Big Way!

  1. Clark

    Very Cool, and I imagine more affordable than the Aeromotive stealth stuff. I am in the midst of an EFI conversion right now and this will be a good addition.

  2. Pizzandoughnuts

    Man this is exactly what I need right now. As I’m dealing with the gas tank in the Malibu wagon at the moment.

  3. Tom P

    Very interesting stuff Chad. Find out more, use torture if need be. Tell them your pal Tom is willing to be a test guinea pig for it (HydraMat, not torture!)

    1. Darren

      That was when it was placed down and air was trapped under it. I doubt it would happen if it was flat and that wouldn’t be replicated in the tank until there was nothing under it but air and fumes.

  4. C1BAD66

    Chad, does it do double-duty as a filter?

    Is it cleanable?

    I’m especially interested as I burned pistons from lean-out ’cause I didn’t notice my car’s previous owner/builder had a quarter-inch I.D. filter on the [circle track] cell’s pick up line.

  5. Mark

    Could be a replacement for a swirl pot on cars converted to EFI. Would be interesting to see how much fuel it can hold

  6. Matt

    I hope its trimmable, because my FD RX-7 stock tank has some swirl baffles already installed that this would need to fit around. I’m really excited as fuel lean out is a MAJOR killer of rotary engines, and Holley, believe me, us RX-7 and RX-8 guys NEED THIS. It will save many a rotary engine from lean out detonation. It is a must-have protection item for me.

  7. Matt Cramer

    I went by their booth just to see this, and was suitably impressed.

    Can’t wait to see what pricing is like.

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