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PRI 2014: The New FAST LSXr Tunable Intake Has Multiple Runner Options That You Can Swap Yourself! Tune The Intake For Your Combo And Grow With It

PRI 2014: The New FAST LSXr Tunable Intake Has Multiple Runner Options That You Can Swap Yourself! Tune The Intake For Your Combo And Grow With It

There’s a ton of new, innovative and interesting stuff here at PRI 2014 and this new FAST LSRx Intake is one of those things. With the ability for the end user to literally tune the thing to fit their combo by swapping the actual runners, it is probably the most flexible intake manifold ever built outside of the first tunnel ram the Ramchargers played with decades ago. The idea here is that a one size fits all solution isn’t always best suited to the needs of every engine. Also, this is a piece that can “grow” with the combo that is under it over time. Have a milder street engine that needs to be long on torque and mid-range power? You want to use the bell mouth longer runners. Adding some cam and maybe some head work? You can move to the shorter and straighter “high hp” runners. Finally, if you have a snotty race engine that is a max effort beast designed to make your hair stand up on the top end of the drag strip you want to use the short, dead straight runners to keep that thing happy at high RPM.

The magic comes when you pose the question with an eye on the future because instead of stepping up your engine only to find that the intake manifold that was perfectly good for your previous combination is now hurting performance with a new setup, you have a component that can be transformed in a matter of minutes to be the piece you need it to be with the new thumper below it. Now, you do not have to order the intake with all three sets of runners. You can choose one of the three to start with and then order the others to test with or swap down the road. If we were doing this? We’d totally score the one with all three sets and have a fun day on the chassis dyno making changes and seeing exactly how they changed the attitude and performance of the engine. The fun level of playing with this piece is potentially very high.

We plan on catching up with the FAST crew for a more in-depth look at this piece in the coming days but for now, check out this sweet intake that has street, tough street, and full kill modes and the transformation can be made in an astoundingly short amount of time. Ain’t technology grand?


Memphis, TN – Due to a patented removable runner design and the introduction of two additional runner sets, LSXR™ 102mm Intake Manifolds from FAST™ now have the capability to shift torque and horsepower gains to a higher RPM than the original version, making them the most flexible options on the market.

In addition to the original FAST™ LSXR™ 102mm Intake Manifold & Runner Set, High HP and Race versions are now available. These manifolds and complementing runners are designed specifically for LS3, L99, L76 and L92* engines that are built for high performance applications. The High HP Intake & Runner Set is based on Daytona Prototype intakes and utilizes newly designed runners, which are shorter and straighter than conventional versions, specifically to improve high-RPM horsepower and torque in vehicles with added performance modifications. The High HP version has been proven to make 8-10 horsepower over the original LSXR™ manifold with a 500-1000 RPM shift up in peak horsepower on LS3 performance engines. However, it maintains all of the same features and benefits of the standard LSXR version. The Race Intake & Runner Set features a short and straight runner design that rivals aluminum four-barrel intakes on horsepower potential. This manifold setup utilizes a race version of standard runners designed for all-out high RPM performance. It is ideal for race vehicles with serious performance modifications and race converters. The Race version provides a 15-30 horsepower gain with a 1000-2000 RPM shift up in peak horsepower, but will lose some low-end torque.

The runners are interchangeable and available in kits so manifolds may be configured as the original LSXR™ with standard street runners, or the new HP or Race models. A master kit is also available featuring an intake manifold assembly and all three runner options. FAST™ LSXR™ Intake Manifolds are available in a popular black finish and are compatible with all FAST™ Big Mouth Throttle Bodies™ and fuel rails. LS1 and LS7 versions of the High HP and Race manifolds are coming soon.


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5 thoughts on “PRI 2014: The New FAST LSXr Tunable Intake Has Multiple Runner Options That You Can Swap Yourself! Tune The Intake For Your Combo And Grow With It

  1. William Wilson

    Someone, hint hint, needs to do a dyno test using each of the three sets of runners.

    And showing what would happen if you “forgot” to install any runners.

  2. Richard Ramsey

    It actually looks like pretty ugly path for the air to go from the throttle body to the individual runners…under, between, and around a lot of jagged shapes.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What an amazing piece of modern art! Its worthy of any art gallery in the world!

    Its such a great shame that it has to spend its life attached to that heap of junk called and LS…….

    Mind you it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Von Guttrich multi-function self-pleasuring device – not that I know what one of those is by the way.

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