PRI 2016: AFCO Drops New Spindle Mount Struts On The Drag Racing World

PRI 2016: AFCO Drops New Spindle Mount Struts On The Drag Racing World

AFCO has been leading the charge in drag racing suspension components for more than a couple of years now and the company has really been kicking some major tail among those small tire and radial racers. Their at-track support is awesome, the products are built to the highest quality, and their reputation for innovation is very strong. In fact, one of the new products that had drag racers buzzing at the 2016 PRI show just so happened to be in the AFCO booth. The company’s new spindle mount struts are a product that have racers lining up to be first on their block to get a pair.

What makes these things so awesome is that by using them in their their “long” form for cars like Mustangs, Camaros, etc that retain some stock body and chassis features for class rules you are saving the entire weight of the spindle. You are also adding tuning and adjustability to the package. By ditching he spindle and the dreaded weight on the nose of the car, it can be put somewhere way more beneficial to getting your stuff hooked up and rolling.

The really hardcore version of this part is what we’d call the “pro mod” style short unit. Mono-tube design, remote fluid cannister, and it has adjustment on the canister and on the strut itself. Again, the racer is saving the weight of a spindle off the nose of the car and getting (especially with this one) near limitless adjustability for tuning their suspension into track conditions. Struts are a hugely important piece of the suspension puzzle and AFCO keeps finding ways to improve the game. Every time they innovate, the racers using their products go quicker and faster. Good deal, right?

Expect to see these things hitting the streets in either the first or second quarters of 2017 according to the people we spoke to at AFCO. We can’t wait to see what gains racers make with them once they get them installed and start messing with them!

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