SEMA 2016: Weld Racing Goes Big And Introduces New Weld Racing XT Product Line For Lifted Trucks

SEMA 2016: Weld Racing Goes Big And Introduces New Weld Racing XT Product Line For Lifted Trucks

One of the things that blows us away at SEMA every year is the literal and figurative size of the wheel industry. In particular are the massive wheels that are being used on today’s lifted heavy duty trucks. Weld Racing also saw this and that’s why they have reentered that marketplace, teaming with SOTA Offroad to bring these wheels to market. Staying true to their company’s roots, these are a very high quality forged wheel available in 20, 22, and 24 inch diameters with available widths of 12 and 14 inches. Bolt patterns? 5,6, and eight lug designs are offered.

What’s really cool is that the well known Cheyenne and Renegade designs are back and longtime fans of the brand had been hounding the company for ages about whether they would ever see those two wheel designs being produced by Weld again. Here’s their answer! The other two available styles are named Falkata and Slingblade. We’ve got some examples of the wheels in the photos below and we think that they look sweet.

Here’s the full story about Weld XT straight from the source!

WELD Returns to the Truck Market with WELD Racing XT

 Kansas City, MO.  – WELD Racing® LLC returns to the ultimate lifted truck market with their introduction of the WELD XT line. The XT line is the baddest product launch in WELD’s 50-year history. Designed from a clean sheet of paper, the XT line offers the lifted truck customer the ultimate truck wheel that combines forged durability, modern styling, professional grade load ratings, complete customization, and WELD’s legendary quality.

The WELD XT line consists of 4 styles.  WELD’s classic Cheyenne and Renegade return with modern interpretations and are joined by the new Falkata and Slingblade. Available in 20, 22, and 24-inch diameters in 12 and 14-inch widths for 5, 6, and 8 lug trucks.  Each wheel is made at WELD’s Kansas City plant from aircraft grade 6061-forged alloy.

Each WELD XT wheel can be customized to match the desire and lifestyle of the customer.  With 9 available finishes including Brushed Red, Brushed Blue, Anthra-Kote, Gloss Red and Blue, and Brushed Smoke.  Additionally, the customer can choose from several lip treatments including clean, branded, and rivets.  Customers can see all the customization options at

WELD XT is a joint venture with industry leader SOTA Offroad. Formerly BMF, SOTA has been instrumental in the development of the products and will serve as the master distributor of the product line.

“WELD XT is the result of our mutual desire to offer the ultimate lifted trucks, the ultimate forged wheel,” said Brock Weld, President of SOTA Offroad.  “I am excited to help bring WELD back to the pinnacle of the lifted truck market.”

“The WELD XT launch calls on both the past and future of WELD Racing, and is perfectly matched to our 50th Anniversary celebration,” said Norm Young, President and CEO of WELD.  “We are thrilled to launch the WELD XT line in partnership with SOTA Offroad”

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