The American Powertrain BaconShift Promotion Is Back! Free Bacon And A Hoodie With Pro-Fit Purchase!

The American Powertrain BaconShift Promotion Is Back! Free Bacon And A Hoodie With Pro-Fit Purchase!

The greatest and most tasty promotion in the world is back. American Powertrain’s BaconShift promo means that with the purchase of any transmission kit you get two pounds of the world’s best bacon…Benton’s Bacon and a zip up #SaveTheStick hoodie. Why does this make sense? Because bacon that’s why. Seriously this is a neat deal and the fact is that all three things we’re talking about here are huge wins.

1.) An American Powertrain Pro-Fit transmission kit. Find your application, make a couple of simple decisions and then these guys handle the rest. Their kits are designed to be a complete solution for getting a new Tremec in your old car or truck. Fords, GM products, and Mopars are all covered under their umbrella. From the crossmember to the driveshaft these guys have you handled and their reputation for service and quality is second to none.

2.) Benton’s Bacon. You have likely eaten bacon in your life unless there’s something wrong with you, like you don’t have a mouth for instance. Benton’s bacon is like eating literal slices of heaven. It is the best stuff on Earth. Hell, Benton’s bacon helped our own Charles Wickam win an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos! Name something else that could do that other than a Nerf bat to the croakers. Two pounds of this stuff comes when you make a purchase and your family will love you for it.

3.) #SaveTheStick zip-up hoodie. Dudes hate jackets. We do. The best compromise? A zip up hoodie. All the sweatshirty goodness you want with the ability to ditch it easily when you feel the need and the temperature climbs about -23 degrees. Beyond that you will be helping to aid the movement of #SaveTheStick! Too many people don’t even know how to drive a stick shift let alone know that they can be rowing modern gears in their old cars with American Powertrain’s help.

BaconShift is not just a promotion, it is a shining beacon of light in the high performance aftermarket world. Be part of it!



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