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Prepare Your Eye Bleach: Check Out This Camaro Trailblazer Mutt For Sale If You Dare!

Prepare Your Eye Bleach: Check Out This Camaro Trailblazer Mutt For Sale If You Dare!

Back in high school, I remember doodling away in a math class a 1973-87 Chevy pickup with a Camaro front end grafted onto it. I also remember showing my friends the sketch, and they were all like “That’s so cool!” and “I want to build that!”. I wish I still had that picture, because in my teenage mind, that sounded and looked like a great idea.

You know what’s NOT a great idea? Actually taking a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer SUV and grafting 2010 Camaro body parts to it. And one of those kids I showed that doodle to all those years ago found just that on Craigslist and forwarded it to me.

Wanna see? No? Well too bad… Here it is!



Oh boy. It’s a 2002 Trailblazer with a Camaro nose and fenders somehow mounted to the body. The hood looks like it has no business being on the vehicle, and yet some how it’s there. I think the headlights were removed and replaced with parts store LED’s and tint over plexiglass. And this is the better end of the vehicle!


Whoa… what happened here? The stock tail lamps were ditched in favor of the Camaro ones, and a Camaro bumper was fitted to the poor thing as well. See the caved-in part on the corner? That’s where the tail lamps are supposed to go.  It looks like they covered that area in Saran Wrap and Bondo and threw some paint over the mess. The Camaro lights really have no business on this thing, and give the SUV a neanderthal look. And is that the beginnings of a continental kit on the tailgate? Seriously, what is going on here?


From this angle, you can see that the body lines of that rear bumper just don’t line up at all. The giant chrome wheels are from who knows what, and does the rear bumper alone have color changing “Mystic Cobra” paint?


Surprisingly, the interior is all stock, save for the parts store floor mats, gear shifter knob, and random wires dangling everywhere. I’m surprised everything is not spray bombed purple on the inside!


To quote the seller, the engine is a “true 383 stroker board 30 over Pete Jackson Gear Drive 202 stainless steel heads mild cam 600 Holley carburetor”, and behind that is a “racen tranny”. Now, the Trailblazer came from the factory with a 4.2L “Atlas” I6, and they made pretty good power, but I doubt that can compare to a carbed SBC! No vehicle is safe from a carbed SBC swap.

So yeah, it’s a hideously ugly Trailblazer, but that V8 swap has you still interested, right? If so, check out the ad: 

I have a 02 trailblazer with a 2012 ss Camaro front end an rear end with a true 383 stroker board 30 over Pete Jackson Gear Drive 202 stainless steel heads mild cam 600 Holley carburetor racen tranny it dus need a paint job an new carpet it need sum Lil stuff modified like the back door needs sumthang made to cover the light on the inside runs like a monster I got a lot of hard work in it i just rebuilt the motor it dus have everything for ac but need sum body to make the line for it askin 10,000 obo willin to trade for a 4door Chevy got to b 4×4 or a bad ass rat rod/hot rods I will look at all trades NO FORDS

Wait a minute… This guy wants $10,000 US DOLLARS for this thing? At $500, I’d be a willing player just to troll people around town and at car shows. But $10k? It’s in Tampa, Florida, if you feel so inclined to have a look in person.

I have to ask, what do you readers think of this thing? What would you pay for it? What would you do with it? Do your thing below in the comments!

Thanks to Bangshifter Elijah Richmond for informing us of this rare opportunity to own such a wonderful vehicle!



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6 thoughts on “Prepare Your Eye Bleach: Check Out This Camaro Trailblazer Mutt For Sale If You Dare!

  1. Matt Cramer

    The front end wouldn’t be all that bad if he’d stuck with a flat hood. The back end, though, really wasn’t the right way to combine the two ideas.

  2. JR66Ford

    What are they teaching in school these days? It’s certainly not English. That was painful to ‘read’.

  3. geo815

    I guess the “Germany or Florida?” game reached into the automotive world. Score one for Florida. I think Germany was all too happy to give it to them, once they saw this.

  4. jerry z

    Just hurts my brain trying to read his ad.

    The front end doesn’t look half bad but back end is hideous. Why put in a 383 Gen1when these came with LS engines from the factory.

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