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Engine Project Update: Tearing Down the 1960s Pontiac OHC Six

Engine Project Update: Tearing Down the 1960s Pontiac OHC Six

When we heard that our OG BangShift pal Randal was looking for an old Pontiac overhead cam six engine we got excited because we knew he’d find one and start a neat project. Our instincts were correct because he did find an engine and drug it back to his rural Nevada home. Randal is a geologist at a copper mine located in the middle of nowhere, so he’s got plenty of time on his hands for neato projects!

To this point he’s found the engine, dragged it home, and gotten it into his basement. That last part was done in a totally BangShift approved manner using old pallets, ratchet straps, and prayer. You’ll dig watching the process of moving an engine without the use of an engine lift, chain fall, tractor, or crane of any type. It literally looks like certain doom is imminent, but the smarty pants guy pulled it off no sweat.

The overhead cam six engine was the darling of John DeLorean who wanted it to compete with European cars utilizing the engine and marketing it on the basis of technology and luxury. DeLorean thought that the engine could be added to models that got predominately eight cylinder engines to make them appeal more to a buyer who was into European cars. The weight difference between the six and the eight was big enough to help improve the handling of cars that were notoriously bad as understeering dump trucks.

Hit the link below to see the early stages of progress as Randal gets ready to pull the Poncho mill apart and show the world its guts!

Engine project linkTheSilverBuick’s Vintage OHC Pontiac six 


UPDATE – 1/4/2010 – Randal takes the engine right down to the block, and several members of the BangShift forums bench race with him about his ultimate plan for the mill. This ain’t no stock rebuild. Randal is planning to turbocharge the engine and build his own intake manifold and exhaust headers. When done, this engine should really make some snot and be a head turner at the shows and at the drags! We’ve never seen the inside of these before so it is neat to see the engine come apart piece by piece. Hell, there are two different types of pistons in the motor from the factory! If you love engines of all shapes and sizes, hit the link below to tune in!

The 215ci Poncho I6 gets torn down and bench raced! 





Pontiac OHC six! 

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