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Roadside Carnage Find: An Excavator Decimated By a Pissed Off Former Employee

Roadside Carnage Find: An Excavator Decimated By a Pissed Off Former Employee

Disgruntled ex-employees scare the crap out of their former employers and after seeing the photos after the jump, you’ll understand why. These were taken a couple years back by our Chicago area photo contributor Greg Rourke. According to Greg, the story involves a dude who was fired from his job as an equipment operator and was none too pleased about it.

Again, according to the story Greg got, the guy returned to the worksite after everyone had left for the day, mounted an excavator that was equipped with a hydraulic rock hammer and proceeded to absolutely annihilate another excavator that had only been working for 300 hours since new. That’s nothing with respect to the lifespan of machines like these.

Greg said the guy did such a job on this one that the engine block was even destroyed. Scroll down to see a project manager’s worst nightmare come true.

Thanks to Greg for the photos!

Destroyed Caterpillar

Caterpillar excavator

Mangled excavator

Destroyed Caterpillar excavator

Caterpillar excavator

destroyed excavator


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21 thoughts on “Roadside Carnage Find: An Excavator Decimated By a Pissed Off Former Employee

  1. BackwoodsBrilliant

    As a proud Union Member, I can tell you that no self-respecting, Book-carrying Opperating Engineer (yes, that’s what certified Union equip. ops. are known by. The book-carry part is another way of saying “card-carrying”) First, noone in his right mind would risk his CAREER over some stupid shit like this, (not to mention criminal charges.) Secondly, in the world of organized labor, there is always channels to take your “alledged” greivences through. So you see, I suppose since you speak without knowing your subject, you just might be the “foolonthehill” (?)

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah, a “book-carrying” thug would have sabatoged the operation in such a way as to not get identified . . . . LOL

  2. threedoor

    Probably mor like the union thug’s boss once he heard the sod story of geting fires. Look below for an example of the audacity and high opinions of themselves these people have.

  3. Bobby J

    Well, it’s a good reminder that there are folks out there you just don’t want to farkle with. Right or wrong doesn’t enter into it unfortunately.
    By the way, don’t farkle with me!

    1. Anonymous

      He’ll have plenty of time to resolve these while in jail. Maybe he’ll even score some taxpayer-funded counseling.

  4. gary

    My Dad was an Operating Engineer most of his life. Not all workers, of any stripe, union or non union, are beyond this behavior. I was UAW for about 30 years in the aerospace industry. This still looks like the work of a union thug to me…

    1. Mike

      Thank you for sharing your totally worthless as well as baseless opinion/rhetoric gary.

  5. GTOjohn

    Crazy/ criminally insane does not discriminate, union nonunion it doesn’t care. Any group of people is going to have some bad apples.

  6. tonyd

    First, anybody that calls a union worker a thug, has to be the most weeniest of weenies. Every time you go grocery shopping, you support a union. Buy a car? Every single one of them was made by a union member, fly an airplane? Union made. Strength doesn’t come from threats or intimidation (thug), but coming together as a team and standing up for what is right and fair. Anyone that considers a union member a thug, might as well put on a trenchcoat and start planning your “revenge”. Because that’s about how sane you sound.

  7. Paulo

    Unions has their day in the sun when industry ran workers into the ground. I speak from experience: I passed the union rep as I left Bell Atlantic the day of a lay off(100 or so were let go that day). I asked him “what can we do about this lay off and how will I feed my family?” he said “not my concern”…..I asked what the hell do I pay union dues for and his answer was “so you can work” I told him that’s the first thing I will stop paying when I get home seeing as that aint worth a damn.

  8. Frred T

    tonyd- Boeing’s SC plant, non union. Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, VW…all plants are non union. Oh, Airbus is coming to the US. Again, all non union. Unions are a dead issue, unless you are a gub-a-mint slouch or NEA member (and a lot of teachers are worthless). Their numbers have been steadily falling for years and will continue to do so as more and more manufacturing moves off shore. Anything that comes here, maufacturing wise, the companies all say, “No unions or we don’t build here.” Ever wonder why the new plants aren’t in NY, MA, MI, et cetera? No unions. Keep chanting the mantra, it ain’t working!

  9. GTOjohn

    Please before you spout your BS talk to some people that belong to strong effective unions, and find out if these people are involved. There is more to being a union member than having a union card! Corporations have lawyers workers need representation.

  10. Eugene Wagner

    Nah, that will rub right out and be good as new.
    I think the operator has a future.
    Perhaps he should run for President.
    Can’t argue with success, or lack of it either.

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