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Roadside Find: Killer 1972 Chevy Ramp Truck

Roadside Find: Killer 1972 Chevy Ramp Truck

Strange to say, but these days, towing a race car has become sort of a luxury experience. There’s massive pusher motorhomes, stacker trailers, and all different kinds of trick appointments one can bolt onto their hauler or into their trailer. However, we’ve been pining for a cool, old school tow rig. Then we found one. We were weak kneed when we pulled up to this absolutely awesome Chevy. Are you?

It looks like a ’71 or ’72. We didn’t pop the hood, but from what we can tell, we’re thinking that there is a gas motor under there, seemingly a small-block. The interior is clean and has been upfitted with some cushy late-model leather bucket seats and a modern stereo. There’s a gear shift lever coming through the floor and three pedals hanging under the dash. If it is the original transmission, maybe an SM465 is doing the work.

The only violation we have to speak of is the “Bakersfield Dragway” lettering on the doors. This is (we think) an homage to Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California. That strip is the home of the March Meet and California Hot Rod Reunion. It’s one of the most historic drag strips in the country. As the truck needs paint anyway, we have no issue looking past the lettering.

The hauler section is in fantastic shape with the winch and chains ready to go. If you were a serious racer in the early 1970s this was your chariot and you were rolling large. Tough to believe now, but it is the truth!

Ramp truck

Ramp truck back

Ramp Truck rear


Kids dig ramp trucks!

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