Roadtrippin’: Taking a Trip To Junkyard Heaven – Is There Anything More Fun?

Roadtrippin’: Taking a Trip To Junkyard Heaven – Is There Anything More Fun?
(By Scott Liggett) – Ever since I moved back to Nebraska 3 years ago, a friend has been telling me stories of this great salvage in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. For the last two years, the stories turned into pestering from that friend, Andrew Crouch, AKA Eliteman76 on the BS forums. Then, in the past year, a friend and coworker at BluePrint Engines, John McHarness, started talking about the same yard. How he wanted to get out there to look for stuff his project cars. They both kept poking at me time and again.
With three project vehicles of my own and the weather last weekend looking absolutely spectacular, I called John and Andrew about going. They both jumped at the chance. So, I got up before sunrise this past Saturday, picked up John and headed off on the three hour drive to the small town of Wymore, NE to see this paradise of old cars that I have been hearing about.
Seeing that I had never even seen a picture from either one of my friends on Watt’s Repair & Auto Salvage before, I was not expecting the pure the scale of Louis’ operation there. To say I was stunned is the understatement of the year. The fact is I was saying, “Holy shit!!” at least dozen times from what I was seeing from the road. And, I hadn’t even made it through the gate yet.
After I got through the gate and met Louis, I looked over at Andrew who was looking at me as he slung his tool bag over his shoulder. He was snickering. He knew what was going to happen when I saw what was waiting for me inside. A few minutes later he was stepping over my jaw that fell into the dirt as I looked at the 1000’s of cars and trucks that were 1980 and older. It wasn’t just a few rows of old cars. They just went on and on as far as I could see. It was gearhead heaven alright.
Andrew heading straight for those 1970’s Torinos, while John and I went off exploring car after car. Three hours later, we came across a black ’63 Galaxie 500 XL. It had faded Moroso decals in the windows and dried out Grant GT steering wheel. Sticking out the floor board was a Hurst Indy 3 speed shifter. At that point, the exploring stopped. John and I hot footed back to my truck to grab what tools I had brought with me. Then we walked what seemed like miles back to the Galaxie to get the shifter.
We were there for four hours and barely scratched the surface of Watt’s place. This place is definitely on the list to return very, very soon. We wanted to thank Louis for hospitality. I want to thank Andrew Crouch and John McHarness for applying the right amount poking to get me out there.

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10 thoughts on “Roadtrippin’: Taking a Trip To Junkyard Heaven – Is There Anything More Fun?

  1. jerry z

    I never get tired of strolling thru old junkyards. Down here in NC you can still pick your own parts in many yards (usually the older ones). But its tough seeing some of the old relics pretty much returning back to the earth.

  2. Eliteman76

    Nice write up. Side notes: BRING CASH. Louis is old school. Decent guy to deal with. Also here’s a few pics I’ve saved over the years.

  3. Turbo Regal

    Reminds of some yards in NE GA I used to frequent in the late 80’s before scrap steel prices sent some really cool cars to the shredder and off to China.

  4. DanStokes

    I wish you had given more warning – I’m an old man with a funky heart. Lots of great vehicles for sure but the ’55 (might have been a ’56, couldn’t see the tail lights) Buick had me salivating. My second car (the first one I was allowed to drive) was a ’55 2 door pillar coupe just like that one and I WANT IT!!!!! No way I should get it but I DO want it. And really, it looks to be in decent shape. Add a 455 and TH400 Switch Pitch and DAMN!

    No really, I can’t but I can lust after it.


  5. RK

    Some potential in some of those; I even see the beauty in the too far gone rusty ones. The unforgettable shapes and really artistic designs are worth looking at!

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