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Scrapple, Your Guide To The “Meh”-worthy News Of The Week: Bond’s New Ride, Spyker Goes South And Ferrari’s Profane New Car

Scrapple, Your Guide To The “Meh”-worthy News Of The Week: Bond’s New Ride, Spyker Goes South And Ferrari’s Profane New Car

Lots of good stuff this week, but plenty of detritus to wade through to find it. And as usual, at the end of the week it’s time to take a stick to the bottom of the boots. This little pile is what’s left of this week’s research, and I present it to you. Here’s this week’s Scrapple. Get your favorite hot sauce ready, because like every other bit of bland and tasteless food, it’s up to you to spice it up.

1. Lil’ Wayne’s 16-year-old daughter is now ballin’ harder than you ever will. 


When I was 16, I had a six-cylinder Impala coupe that required gasoline down the carb to start it when it was cold. Lil’ Wayne’s daughter was presented with a BMW X4 and a Ferrari 599GTO for her sweet sixteenth. That’s all. If anyone needs me, I’ll be out back punching a tree.

2. Spyker is going belly-up

Spyker_C8_Aileron_kleuren_01Spyker is a funky Dutch supercar manufacturer, who prided themselves on the details. No question, their design elements are gorgeous and the cars could haul properly. Unfortunately, not all was right in their world, as the company announced that they are going into what can best be related as a form of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Sad, but what the hell did you expect to happen to a company that thought it could save SAAB?

3. Honda NSX is sold out in Europe

2015-honda-nsx-to-become-non-hybrid-racer-47344_1People have been waiting longer for this car than Guns n’ Roses fans waited for the Chinese Democracy album. The last time it was seen, it was on fire at the Nurburgring. But at least Honda sold the 2015 allotment for Europe, that has to count for something.

4. Some (redacted) has a sense of humor over 007’s new car.


For a couple of days it was rumored that Bond’s newest ride for the movie Spectre was going to be a Fiat 500. Rest easy, the badass Brit will be getting another Aston, this time the new DB10, but whoever thought it was funny should be strung up in a tree by their kibbles and bits.

5. Ferrari has unveiled it’s latest super-ultra-hypercar that’s already sold out…


Nobody can actually own it…it’s more like a glorified track rental program that Ferrari has used for testing out new technologies. It doesn’t even leave Maranello. It’s based off the LaFerrari, which started life as the Ferrari F-150. It’s a mild hybrid with KERS, the energy-recovering system. So what did Ferrari name this new screamer?

Not kidding in the least: It’s the Ferrari FxxK.

Really, guys?


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7 thoughts on “Scrapple, Your Guide To The “Meh”-worthy News Of The Week: Bond’s New Ride, Spyker Goes South And Ferrari’s Profane New Car

  1. Beagle

    the Fiat commercials irritate me so badly that the mere sight of one makes me want to roll it over on it’s back and leave it to die and be carried off by ants. Maybe they can bring Jaws out of retirement to do just that.

    1. Beagle

      oh yeah.. the new Ferrari Fornicator. Love it. I just traded Virgin Galactic astronaut seat for one.

  2. Nick D.

    I wonder how long it is before Lil’ Wayne’s daughter wrecks that 599 GTO. That is a truly psychotic car, described by Jeremy Clarkson as being more of a wild animal than a car.

    As for the Fiat 500, it is actually going to be in Spectre. The report is that he will use the little 500 in a car chase through Rome. But he is getting a new DB10 in the movie.

    1. ColoradoKid

      #1 [ Nick D ] The Lil Wayne’s daughter question ; Within the first 24 hours for the Ferrari and 30 days or less for the X4

      #2 Bond … James Bond . Yup … Nicky D’s nailed it . There will be a FIAT 500 in the movie .. Bond will have a DB10 [ which in reality does not exist in the AM lineup ] .. The unanswered [ officially ] question being … does the 500 just make an appearance or does Bond actually drive the little turd ?

      #3 FIAT commercials … irritated doesn’t even come close for me

      #4 The Ferrari FXXK … Proof once again that there are no limits as to what the More Money than Brains set will spend their money on as well as how much they’re willing to spend . Seriously …. paying that much to [ more or less ] lease a car that even most tracks won’t let you use it on ?

      I’m still waiting for the gold leaf covered turd with a Prancing Horse embossed on it for …. oh say … $15,000 to make its appearance … selling out of course within the first 48 hours 😉

      #5 Spyker … Good lord ! …. they’re like the Never Ending SAAB story that they helped to create … Spyker has been a member of the walking dead since the company’s inception . Its about freaking time that pretentious bunch of Dutch are finally put into the ground . Proving once and for all when it comes to cars ;

      If You’re Dutch .. You’re Not Much … unless of course you’re Donkervoort

      #6 The NSX … here’s hoping the new NSX lives up to all the hype and is at least as good as the old one was

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