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She Stuck The Landing! Lexus Lands On Roof Of Ritzy California Home

She Stuck The Landing! Lexus Lands On Roof Of Ritzy California Home

On a recent trip to California I had the good fortune to be riding with a guy who knew his way around the place really well. With a couple of hours to kill and nothing in particular to do, he took me the scenic way to our destination and we got to see all kinds of stuff. We ate lunch in Seal Beach, cruised through the improbably massive port of Long Beach and eventually wove through a beautiful area known as Palos Verdes Estates. This is an affluent place where the average home price is way up over a million bucks a shot. One of those places where is it is fun to drive through and look at what a million dollars gets you in the most insane real estate market in the country. The answer is that it gets you a nice little place whereas you could score a massive estate like property in lots of other places for the same money.

The one thing money does not guarantee you is freedom from incompetence as one resident found out as she was playing a cards in her home when simultaneously a woman lost control of a Lexus and ended up landing on her roof. Literally on the roof of the house. While there is lots of vegetation and it is not the easiest thing to see, it seems like the home is sunken down from the road some and while it must have been a wild ride, it was not exactly a Dukes of Hazard level leap that the Lexus made to reach the Terra Cotta tiles.

Police have said that some sort of a “medical emergency” lead to this happening. We’re guessing the medical emergency did not get better when the car came to a rest on the roof of the home. Oh, can can you imagine the insurance paperwork on this one?! Holy smoke.

Check out the photos and then hit the link to see the full story on this weird crash –

car on roof1 car on roof2


Lexus Lands on Roof in Ritzy California Neighborhood -WHOOPS!

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5 thoughts on “She Stuck The Landing! Lexus Lands On Roof Of Ritzy California Home

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    After their performing cars stunt went so badly wrong in Paris, Cirque du Soliel gave their new leaping car act a tryout in a sheltered location – so its back to the drawing board and the car was humanely disposed of…

  2. john

    Sounds like a ” three martini emergency”. I’ll have to remember this if ever…” Officer I felt faint, don’t remember anything…” 🙂

  3. Scott Liggett

    Considering it is Palos Verdes, medical emergency could equate to the driver’s Chihuahua having an anxiety attack.

    BTW, $1,000,000 would barely buy you a falling down shack in that neighborhood.

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