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Somebody’s Salty: GM Has Put A Bounty Out For Converting FCA Owners!

Somebody’s Salty: GM Has Put A Bounty Out For Converting FCA Owners!

(Lead Photo: US News and World Report) What’s the fastest way to irritate an entire auto manufacturer? Outsell them where they historically sell well. The moment they get knocked off of the podium, the gloves come off and it’s time to move stock by any means necessary in order to not look like you’ve been punked by the competition. Last year the redesigned Ram lineup surpassed GM, which was in the middle of a generational changeover that has left long-time fans a bit polarized, especially where the looks are concerned. With another update expected soon (reportedly to do some work in the interior), GM is ready to put the heat back onto FCA…er, Stellantis…Ram. Whatever. Between the truck sales and the saga of lawsuits that GM keeps attacking FCA/Stellantis with, it’s clear that there is a bitter taste in someone’s mouth and that Labor Day sales are going to be interesting.

Photo: FCA North America

How interesting? General Motors is offering an extra $750 to owners or family members who own a 2006 or newer Mopar product, or lessees of a 2015-newer product. That’s interesting, especially when FCA has a couple of big announcements coming due very soon (Ram Rebel TRX, Jeep Grand Wagoneer). GM hasn’t had an answer for the Dodge Charger since the Chevrolet SS ceased importation in 2017, the Corvette has no competition since the Viper was retired, and with rumors circulating about the lack of a seventh-generation Camaro, what’s left to fight over? Small SUVs and CUVs? Do you pay for a Jeep badge or do you pay for the GM badge? Brand loyalties will still run deep, but we have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to be fun to watch from the sidelines as both sides try to get some sales going in a year that is best described with an expletive we almost never print.

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12 thoughts on “Somebody’s Salty: GM Has Put A Bounty Out For Converting FCA Owners!

  1. thefatguy

    you would think they would be falling all over themselves to sell, but here in hawaii they act like its business as usual–no deals, full price, dont like it too bad where else you gonna go… sad. i walked out of a bike shop that was advertising kawasaki z125’s for $3199 but wanted $5k out the door. i “was” going to buy 2 for cash no financing, had $7.5 in my pocket. they wanted $10k so i left. idjots.

    1. BeaverMartin

      That was the worst part of living in Oahu, new cars were always marked up like 5k over the mainland prices. Total crap. Well that and the traffic.

  2. 75Duster

    I’m on my 3rd Dodge Ram, 2001, 2005, and 2015, no way in hell would I give up my RAM ownership for a UGLY ASS GM truck.

  3. ERIC Collins

    Regardless the make, Chevy was just two expensive in comparison and Ram came out ahead every time. After 30 yrs of owning one Chevy after another I’m in a four year Ram 1500 Bighorn lease.

  4. John E. Lawrence

    I bought a 2016 Ram Sport with Hemi, there were no options to add, my truck was nicer than my buddies 2016 Ray. We bought a week apart, he still has his! I traded my 2016 for a 2018 ram 2500 HD, with 6.4 Hemi, 4X4, with all the whistles and bells. I saw a 2018, 3500 HD, full length bed, Cummins diesel, 4X4, Longhorn. List price $80,500, marked down $15,000, lost my but on trade in, very, very happy with my beautiful Ram Diesel with the new series transmission. 17 mph local, up to 22 mph on the road at 80 mph. Max top speed 105 mph. All thre of my trucks were white with all the whistles and bells. My 2016 Hemi with traction control of would smoke the tits in the first three gears! I thoroughly loved all three Rams. I did drive a 2017 Ford F350, price tag $78,000, had 8 cameras, messaging seats, beautiful trick, didn’t have enough power to get out in front of a tractor traile rolling down hill 1/2 mile away, it was terribly disappointing. I did drive one of their 2016 diesels, much quicker, stronger and no debates, much less expensive to. I was driving my 2016 Ram Sport. I left in mr Ram! I’m a Dodge person now! My wife bought a 2013 Durando R/T, then she traded it in for a net Durango Citadel, she loves and I like driving is as well, great Pentastar and all wheel drive. Bought it December 31 2018, zero discounts!

  5. Dave Suton

    I’d still buy a Ram, Ford or a Silverado over any crapster Toyota Blundra, Nissan Disaster Titan, or whatever Honda is trying to sell as a minivan/pickup nowadays.

    1. Anthony

      The GMC 1500 is awful . They did a shitty job. The rest of their line up sucks too. Aside from Camaro and Corvette. Worst line up in their history. What did they expect?

  6. old man

    When did gm start making a real truck they should be ok with the back seat they spend a lot of time their f 150 mustang jeep ram .How ever they know tail lights well

    1. James lest

      Two words…mary Barra…the other Smith of this generation…shes killing GM every day she in charge

  7. Patrick

    Overpriced, questionable looks, poor reliability. My buddy has a brand new Silverado. $$ Truck, it shuts off for no reason and won’t restart. Had to be towed to the dealer, dealer says nothings wrong with it. Four times it has happened, he’s hoping for a fifth so that it can be lemon lawed and bought back.

  8. BeaverMartin

    I wonder if GM has considered making a truck that’s competitively priced, reliable, and doesn’t look like it got beat with the ugly stick. It’s really not that hard, just make a modernized 87′ C-10.

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