AFCO Custom Radiators Can Be Made For Virtually Any Space And Application

AFCO Custom Radiators Can Be Made For Virtually Any Space And Application

AFCO offers a dizzying array of radiators that have been designed to bolt into virtually any popular application you can think of. Not only to they bolt it, they also do a better job of cooling your car than the stuff you took out did. But what about an uncommon or downright strange application. Building a sleeper out of a unique combo and “nothing fits”. Here’s where AFCO’s custom division comes into play because they can literally make a radiator to fit just about anything. Vintage cars from the brass era, new stuff that no one makes performance parts for and everything in between.

The company has decades of experience fabricating high performance radiators and that means something. It means that they have developed methods and processes that allow them to send you a top notch product that is going to fit to your specs. This is an awesome way to solve a cooling system issue that is vexing you!

Here’s the goods on AFCO custom radiators –

Winter Blues? Winter won’t last forever…
Get your ride ready for warmer weather with a Custom Radiator from AFCO!

AFCO Racing Products has been manufacturing aluminum radiators for over 20 years. We build many direct fit radiators for most makes, models and years. We have also been very successful in developing a custom radiator program to fit nearly any application.
Accuracy of Fitment = 99.4%
Lead Time = 1-2 Weeks
Engineered & Manufactured in Indiana.

Check out some of our recent Custom Radiators:

Here is Bob Yonke’s new Custom Radiator for a ’72 Chevrolet Vega with an LS engine swap. Bob needed a high quality double-pass radiator package to cool the extra horsepower he had gained.
Here is a new Custom Radiator for SD Concept Engineering. This radiator is for a Dodge Durango project in their shop that underwent major engine upgrades in horsepower that required a premium heavy duty radiator.
Contact AFCO today at 800.632.2320 to get started!

Custom Radiator quote forms can be found online by clicking here.

Here is Edmund Rally’s new Custom Radiator. Ed’s car builder, Charles Brittingham, was looking for a top quality replacement radiator to cool his vintage 1916 Chevrolet. AFCO was able to build an exact fit radiator for the car that will cool it easily and provide assurance that the engine will run to the best of its capability.
Here is Don Daberkow’s new Custom Radiator. Don is currently restoring his 1924 Dodge Touring Sedan. We were able to copy Don’s original factory radiator to fit his contoured grill shell. The factory radiator was badly deteriorated and would not be a candidate for re-coring. 

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