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Crack Open The 3G Hemi Program With Parts And Pieces From Holley!

Crack Open The 3G Hemi Program With Parts And Pieces From Holley!

The LS engine has a support system that is absolutely unreal in scope and size. The Coyote engine does too. But what about Ma Mopar’s third-generation Hemi, the one that has been a staple in cars, trucks and SUVs since the mid-2000s? Eh…not so much. There are parts out there, for sure, but certainly not to the same degree that you see in the other two modern V8 engines. We’ve seen what kind of potential lies in these engines…from mild to absolutely monstrous, they can be a torque-heavy thumper, but in order to free up that power new products needed to hit the market. Well, happy holidays, Mopar fans, because Holley has some gifts just for you!

First and foremost is the Terminator X engine management system. A long sore spot with the 3G Hemi has been the factory ECU, which wasn’t a pleasant thing to work with to put mildly. Instead of hacking through a factory wiring harness and spending hours sorting through spaghetti, the Terminator X brings a fully tuneable injection system in a plug-and-play system for non-VVT equipped 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 engines.

QuickTime Bellhousings is now offering up SFI-rated third-gen Hemi compatible bells for your late-model swap. Able to handle most old-school four-speed trnasmissions like Muncies, T10s and more, plus modern options like T-56s and TR-3550s, the bells are exactly what you need to make the connection between engine and transmission.

Hooker Headers has 5.7L headers that will work for 1968-1974 Chrysler B-body (Charger, Road Runner, etc.) and 1970-1974 E-body (Challenger and ‘Cuda) that will keep the transmission in the stock location, work with the stock K-memner and give your 3G Hemi some lungs. They come painted or high-heat ceramic coated, with tubes 1.625 x 32 inches, with a three inch collector and a six-inch collector length.

And to add some fit and finish under the hood, you can add the Mr. Gasket fabricated valve covers, made from 6061 T5 sheet aluminim. They are taller than stock covers and include valve cover gaskets, spark plug O-rings and hardware and will fit 2006-up engines. The intake is a Sniper EFI kit that includes a high flow fuel rail kit, o-rings, and hardware. The throttle body opening is 90mm that can use the factory 5.7, 6.1, 6.4 or Hellcat 6.2L throttle body unit, and are finished either in silver or black.

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One thought on “Crack Open The 3G Hemi Program With Parts And Pieces From Holley!

  1. Joseph Preston

    Why I the world didn’t you supply Mfg. part numbers and prices?? I have a 2017 SRT 392 and I am very interested in these parts and where to buy them. I am currently running with BBK Shorty headers, AFE cold air system, a catch can and resonator delete. Need more natural aspirated power and speed.

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