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MSD Introduces New Line of DynaForce Starters – High Performance, Light Weight, Lots of Applications

MSD Introduces New Line of DynaForce Starters – High Performance, Light Weight, Lots of Applications

The dudes and dudettes at MSD have not been resting on their massive Atomic EFI success. As proof of that, they just rolled out a completely new line of starters that they are calling, “DynaForce”. There are currently versions designed to bolt onto Ford big blocks (FE included) and small blocks, Chevys of all sizes, Pontiacs, and Chryslers to boot. The company says that they are working on more applications as you read this. They also have a high speed starter designed for full tilt racing engines that needs that extra umph to get fired up.

All of the starters are new construction, so nothing is being re-manufactured here it is brandy new from front to back. The starters all have a billet mounting block that allows the units to be clocked in a number of positions to properly fit your car. As you’ll notice from the photos, these starters are smaller than stock pieces so header clearance and fitment should not be an issue.

When it comes to “sexy parts” starters aren’t on the top of the list, but when it comes to “super important parts” they are. Be it a race car, a high performance street machine, truck, or a hot rod, you need it to start to race, hit the local cruise, or simply get home from work. MSD has done some serious homework and testing on these DynaForce starters to make sure you’ll be able to have confidence every time you hit the key in your ride!


Here’s the full release from MSD!
The same quality that you have come to expect from MSD products is now available in the NEW DynaForce Starter. Every starter is all-new and hand-built in the USA. For maximum performance and reliability, each unit is dyno tested and blue printed before it leaves the factory. The armature is balanced during assembly and guided by two ball bearings for smooth engagement during thousands of starts.A three horsepower motor and reduced 4.4:1 gear deliver superior torque to start high compression engines. The downsized housing clears most headers and oil pans, but just in case, we made the billet mount so it can be clocked in different positions for tight applications. The durable MSD red powder coated finish will stay looking good, even though it’s underneath your car. So rest assured that when you bolt-up a DynaForce Starter you are getting MSD quality and performance right from the start.

3.4 horsepower motor
4.4:1 gear reduction
Easily handles 18:1 compression
Machined aluminum block easily adjusts
10.5 lbs.
Nickle plated heavy duty solenoid is designed to operate in severe environments.


Need higher cranking speed for the track?

The DynaForce high speed starter has:
Additional 25% cranking speed
3.73:1 gear reduction
Heavy Duty high temp solenoid for 12-16 volt systems
Perfect for magneto applications
Starts blown alcohol engines, magneto ignitions, or any engine requiring higher cranking RPM

DynaForce’s High Speed Starter is designed for engines using magnetos that require higher cranking RPM to start. This starter builds on the quality and performance of the standard DynaForce Starter but adds 25% more cranking speed and extreme durability. Features that top race teams need to get going fast.


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