The RideTech Report! Race Results, Video, Customer Cars, Even Great Stuff For Your Truck!

The RideTech Report! Race Results, Video, Customer Cars, Even Great Stuff For Your Truck!

This time of the year when the air cools down, horsepower ramps up and so doesn’t the rapid fire string of events that gear heads try to jam in before the season closes and trade show time begins. The RideTech crew is going great guns in all directions this year hitting events like LS Fest, the recent Goodguys Bowling Green event, and preparing for more Goodguys action, the Optima challenge event in Fontana, California, and ultimately the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Nevada. That event will take place just after the SEMA show as it has for years and it is the baddest, most hardcore pro touring event on the planet. Many of the vehicles there use RideTech components and hopefuls from all over the country are vying for a spot.

Also in this RideTech report, check out their visit to Midwest Hot Rods, one of the great shops in the center of the country that cranks out great work and often underpins their builds with RideTech suspension components. There’s a video featuring the 48 Hour Corvette Build, Ron Sutton seminar information, and a whole lot more. These guys are flying and it is all right there for the world to see in this week’s RideTech report!


This Place Looks Familiar…

RideTech Returns to Bowling Green for GoodGuys 4th Nostalgia Nationals

The Goodguys gang made a high-speed return to historic Beech Bend Raceway Park last weekend, filling the scenic facility with fast cars & good times under warm fall skies.  Autocrossers, Drag Racers, and Show&Shiners from across the midwest brought in so much color and chrome, it was probably visible from space.  Read below for our results from the event!

GoodGuys 4th Nostalgia Nationals

After running at the Holley LS Fest only a week ago, the 48-Hour Corvette and crew descended on Bowling Green for a second weekend in a row to attend the GoodGuys 4th Nostalgia Nationals.  With just three events remaining before the season-ending Scottsdale Shootout in November, the competition on Beech Bend’s paved oval was some of the fiercest we’ve seen all year.
Chris pushed through the field of 21 entries in the PRO-Class to finish only 1.104 seconds off the winning time, set by Tyler Powell’s 1963 Corvette.  We were very pleased with how the 48-Hour Corvette performed at this event; the course was much tighter than previous events, so Chris was able to get a great feel for how the car performed in varying conditions at the same venue as the previous event. Other RideTech alumni and customers had a good turnout, as well; the times were fairly tightly packed!  Full results from the event can be found HERE.

Next up for Chris and the 48-Hour Corvette will be the GoodGuys 23rd Lonestar Nationals in Fort Worth, TX; followed immediately by a trip to Fontana, CA, for the final Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car event at Auto Club Speedway.  SEMA and the OUSCI are close on the heels of that event; are you ready???

These are some of our favorite RideTech-equipped vehicles from this weekend’s social media posts.  Post your car or truck to our Facebook wall for a chance to be featured here!

Tim Palazzolo’s gorgeous project, Stampede, sits on RideTech Select Series ShockWaves with the E3 control system and Big Red valves.
Here’s one you don’t see every day; a 1961 Chevy Corvair 95 loadside owned by Alex Becker.  One of only 2840 made and sporting a 164ci H6 air-cooled 110hp motor, RideTech ShockWaves keep it low, smooth, and cool.
Colin Michael’s ’62 Impala sports a RideTech Level 1 air suspension and AirPod with digital controller.  Tucking 22×10’s doesn’t seem to be a problem!
Alexander Austin’s 1949 Studebaker with a 12-valve Cummins looks great on RideTech ShockWaves!
We all have jobs to do each day, and many of us rely on trucks to get those jobs done; but in today’s age, everyone is doing more with less. Now, your truck doesn’t have to be a compromise.  What do we mean by that? Quite simply, all OEM suspensions are a compromise between ride quality/comfort and carrying capacity. If the truck has a very soft spring for comfort, it won’t be able to carry a load; likewise, if the truck was designed to always carry a heavy load, you wouldn’t be able to ride in it unloaded for very long. With the LevelTow System by RideTech, you don’t have to settle!

The LevelTow System uses air springs to keep your vehicle at its designed “curb” height while maintaining both load capacity and ride quality. If your vehicle is squatting due to a heavy load, the suspension travel is much shorter; even small bumps in the road will cause your vehicle to bottom out and give you a harsh ride. The LevelTow System automatically levels the vehicle, improving ride comfort while utilizing it to its fullest capacity by giving your suspension the travel it needs to maintain a good ride while still towing a reasonable load.

The Ridetech LevelTow System is a complete package including: Air Springs, OE-grade compressor, Mono-tube shocks, automatic leveling valve, and all the necessary hardware for a completely bolt-in installation.

For example, here is a Ram 1500 eco-diesel truck used by BD Diesel to promote their products and carry materials from show to show. It has a very soft suspension from the factory, giving the truck a superb ride quality. However, with all their promotional material and show supplies loaded up, the truck was squatting almost 2 ½”! Not only was the truck much lower, the owner found it was actually dangerous to drive while traveling through mountains and on curvy roads. After installation of our LevelTow System, the truck now sits level (even fully loaded), ride quality is retained, and the “white knuckle” effect is eliminated. The images included in this article are of the BD Diesel truck, fully loaded with several hundred pounds of turbochargers, manifolds, and literature, back at a safe and comfortable height thanks to the LevelTow System by RideTech!

More details on the LevelTow System can be found on our website!

This week’s Dealer Spotlight shines on Midwest Hot Rods out of Plainfield, Illinois. Midwest Hot Rods has been building Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Street Rods, and Muscle Cars since 1987.  In addition to building top-notch cars, they have been offering quality RideTech components for over 10 years.

If you are in need of quality hot rod parts or a full build, give the guys at Midwest Hot Rods a call at (815)254-RODS.

Where will we be next?  Either racing or displaying, we love to see our fans out and about.  And keep an eye on social media for your chance to win RideTech swag or even an autocross ride-along at some events!



All new episode of the 48-Hour Corvette build is live on our YouTube channel, and 2 more episodes will be released this week!  Stay tuned!!
There are only TWO more “The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning” workshop left!  Sign up HERE to learn more about:

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After watching Ron in action at the RideTech Dealer’s Suspension Seminar in December, we have no question that a seminar of this nature is easily worth $1000-$1500. When Ron said with Ridetech’s help he could do the seminars for only $299 a person, we signed right up. Click Here to secure your spot at the next workshop!

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