The RideTech Report! They’re Hiring – They’re Heading For PRI – They’re Showing Off Customer Rides

The RideTech Report! They’re Hiring – They’re Heading For PRI – They’re Showing Off Customer Rides

This RideTech Report is stuffed full of good stuff and we’re not just talking bout the sexy parts. The company is currently hiring so if you are an enthusiast that has been looking to get out of the job that you hate, now may be the time to get into the industry with one of the best names in the high performance aftermarket. Along with that the company is having flash sales all through December. What’s a flash sale? Basically it is a couple day offer on specific parts or items that you can save big on. Make sure you are checking out the RideTech website as there will be multiple examples of these things through the month.

The company is heading to PRI next week to show off their current and new products. These are the pieces that have been found on many of the hardest core and most successful pro touring cars in the country. Not to mention some of the best riding. We’ve got some RideTech news of our own coming as we have recently been testing and messing around with the new Street Grip system on a car. Stay tuned for more on that.

There’s a TON of stuff to read about and see below, including some awesome customer cars and trucks. The diversity of the product line is on display with the mind blowing styles of vehicles that the parts can be found on. Land speed racing, autocross, trucks, you name it, they do it!

Read the RideTech report below!

RideTech is Hiring!

Sales Associate Position Available

Winter doesn’t have us slowing down here at the shop; as a matter of fact, we’re growing!  We have immediate positions available in our Sales Department; click HERE for more information on what positions are available and how to submit your resume.  We’ve got a really great team that anyone would be proud to join; that person could be you!!
This year, we decided to dispense with the Black Friday madness.  Our company is deeply rooted in family, and we wanted all of our employees, friends, and customers to be able to spend their holiday weekends the way the holiday was intended…with family!  We hope you all had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, and wish everyone all the cheer of the holiday season as they gear up for Christmas and the New Year!
The last weekend in November, RideTech sales assistant Amanda McCarthy took the RideTech C5Z to a local SCCA meet and brought home fastest time of the day.  Congratulations, Amanda!
This December, RideTech is implementing holiday Flash Sales!  We’re going to offer a product or service for a discounted price every couple of days; and rather than flood your inbox with these specials all month long, we’re going to announce them on FacebookInstagram, and our website…so follow along for some serious limited-time deals!

We love to see our products in action!!!  If you’d like to submit your ride for a chance to be featured in our weekly newsletter, you can share it with us via social media or email.  And stay tuned to our Facebook page chances to win cool RideTech stuff!

Greg Thurmond’s SCAR debuted at SEMA, and then competed at OUSCI.  If you get a chance to see this ‘vette in person, the color by Outrageous Paint By GTS Customs will blow you away.  A very nicely done Corvette!!  (photo courtesy of Forgeline)
This cool ’32 Roadster by Youngblood’s Hot Rods is pictured at El Mirage in November on a shakedown trip; the event was cancelled due to weather, but it looks like they still had a lot of fun!
An awesome ’66 Chevy done by House of Hotrods; along with a bunch of new goodies, this beauty is graced with RideTech coilovers front and rear!

RideTech continues to offer today’s hot rodders the ultimate in ride quality, handling performance, technical support, and now, SIMPLICITY, with our coilover suspension components.

  • Monotube gas pressure design offers superior fade-free performance
  • Impact forged aluminum body provides superior strength and reliable service
  • Larger 1.834″ piston provides outstanding ride quality
  • Double-sealed rod guide with dust cover eliminates oil leakage
  • 5/8″ chrome shock shaft
  • Stainless steel spanner wrench that attaches to a 3/8 ratchet allowing coil adjustment in a tight area
  • Anodized finish protects against corrosion
  • Available as a fixed valve, rebound single adjustable, or triple adjustable shock
  • CNC-machined billet hardware
  • Unique pinch clamp height adjuster uses finer thread for easy adjustment
  • Includes 5/8″ bore x 1″ kevlar-lined bearings for noise-free operation
  • High-quality Delrin spring washers allow bind-free preload adjustments

Coilover Tech

A coilover is simply a shock surrounded by a coil spring; it places the shock and coil in one linear unit. A coilover is a simple solution for most suspension designs, but can often be difficult to understand what you need. Fortunately, RideTech has your back with 14 years of suspension development.

Choosing a coilover begins with two important decisions. The first is choosing the function of your vehicle. If you are building a performance car, then you will want a coilover that has an adjustable shock. This allows the driver to tweak the “stiffness” of the suspension with a twist of a knob located on the shock. This adjustment knob controls the shock valving which controls the damping of the coilover. This is a huge benefit for drivers who want to fine tune their performance for the track, autocross, or the road. However, if you are building a cruiser, a non-adjustable shock is a much more economical solution. The RideTech non-adjustable shock is preset to give a soft valve setting which allows the best ride quality possible, leaving the guess work out.

The second most important decision in choosing a coilover is finding your desired spring-rate for the coil spring. Spring rate is the force required to compress a spring 1″ and is an important factor in how comfortable your car rides and your ride height. Finding the desired spring rate is a bit tricky, since you will have to know a little more about the design of your suspension. To help guide you through this process, RideTech has developed a simple spring-rate calculator:


For more information on our shocks, springs, or which rate is best for your project, visit us at or give our knowledgeable tech staff a call at 812-481-4787.

Where will we be next?  Either racing or displaying, we love to see our fans out and about.  And keep an eye on social media for your chance to win RideTech swag or even an autocross ride-along at some events!


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