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Bottom Dollar Blazer Project – Episode 7: We’re back

Bottom Dollar Blazer Project – Episode 7: We’re back

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted an update on the Blazer. It’s not because I haven’t been working on it, but Lohnes convinced me to go on that trip to Detroit and I got all backed up when I did it. Nevertheless, I’ve been making some progress, so you’ll get two updates this week. I’ll have a longer one for you Friday, too.

I got the rockers all welded up, ground down and smoothed out the bodywork. I could easily be featured in the “Worst Welding Ever!” series we posted last week, but ironically, other guys taking the class are asking me for advice on how to get it done. I’m getting a little better every week, and nothing I’ve welded on has fallen off quite yet, so I consider that a win.


I also replaced one of the front fenders. I’ll do the other one next week. The fronts just bolt on, but I wanted to do the door at the same time so I could get everything lined up. I used the Rustoleum method on the inside of the fenders and they came out as nice as the inner fenders. I finally tossed the old one in the recycling bin after scavenging all the parts off of it.

Fender Inside

My biggest issue with doing that is that the Dorman door hinge pins I bought feature bushings that don’t fit in the holes in the hinges, which sucks.

Door Hinge2

The pins will work ok, but instead of the nylon bushings that originally came in the door, I got these weird pot metal things that don’t fit and seem to disintegrate if you try and force them into place. I’m wondering if there’s a universal nylon bushing I might be able to source instead. Any thoughts? I’m not looking forward to driving around doorless this week.

That’s it for now. My only expenditure this week was the $20 for door pins, and I’m going to end up eating that in search for something else.


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6 thoughts on “Bottom Dollar Blazer Project – Episode 7: We’re back

  1. crazy canuck

    are you talking about the bronze / brass bushings ? if so I drilled the holes out in the hinge to fit the od of the larger bushing.

  2. McCannical

    NAPA stores carry hinge rebuild kits in their spare misc. parts section, or at least they do in Norcal. I have also found door parts in a quality paint-body supply type shops. And ones I have bought in the past have bronze bushings.

  3. John T

    I had really really sloppy hinges on an old Falcon I bought recently – I made my own bushes by drilling out some old brass fuel fittings I had kicking around! amazingly they worked perfectly – door has zero slop and opens/closes like a new car at zero cost…

  4. Tom Slater

    The hardware stores in my town carry various bronze / brass bushings. If yours don’t, go to McMaster-Carr (google them) and find yourself some bronze bushings of the right size for you. Straight as you can, drill holes & modify stuff to accept them. Worked great on my ’57’s hood hinges. Tighter fit is better, too.

  5. ntmid8r3

    those bushings in the pic are wrong for this application gm pt# 9721917 are what you need or pt# 20429500 for oversize

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