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Watch Us Install A Full TCI Bolt In 1966 Nova Suspension System LIVE On At The Street Machine Nationals – TODAY  10 AM PST

Watch Us Install A Full TCI Bolt In 1966 Nova Suspension System LIVE On  At The Street Machine Nationals – TODAY  10 AM PST


That’s right folks, we are going to be installing a complete TCI Bolt In 1966 Nova Pro Touring IFS and 4-Link Rear Suspension system LIVE this Saturday from the Street Machine Nationals in Pomona! We’re also going to give you, our faithful BangShift Readers, the chance to help us name this project. So give us your suggestions below after reading about it, and tune in Saturday to give your input via our LIVE Chat while watching it go together right before your eyes. Live here in SoCal? Want to come to the show and watch us in person? Then CLICK HERE to find out more about the Street Machine Nationals in Pomona.

So let me tell you a little bit about this project. The car, a 1966 Chevy II Nova belongs to my dad Walt Reynolds, and was originally going to be a typical street strip LS powered Nova. And then things changed. After Richard Holdener and I started scheming on what do to for power, we came up with a great idea of building a 383 cubic inch LS engine that is a stroked 5.3. Of course building a 520 horsepower cruiser hydraulic roller engine was the easy way to go, and then we thought we’d try to give it even more power. Thanks to Trick Flow heads, a Holley Mid-Ram intake and Throttle Body, a Comp Cam, JE Pistons, Pro-Comp 4.0 inch Crank and K1 6.125 inch Rods, we had a platform that could make more. Naturally a bigger cam was in order to make at least 600 horsepower, but then we started thinking. And that’s always dangerous.

Since this car’s purpose in life was to be a street cruiser that would compete at events like Drag Week and Rocky Mountain Race Week, we thought hmmmm, the drivability of this little cam is going to be kinda nice. And LS engines love boost. So on went a couple of different 76 and 81 mm turbos for testing and with only 16lbs of boost we made over 1000 horsepower thanks to a Precision Turbos 76mm turbo. Boost is good. To see that engine build, CLICK HERE FOR PART 1, and CLICK HERE FOR PART 2.

Engine that makes stupid power and can propel Nova deep into the 8 second zone-CHECK. So what about the rest of it. Well, it had some rust that had to be fixed, and will still need some more bodywork before paint, but the cage was already in it and things were looking pretty simple. Build a Th400, a rearend, and get the suspension setup with some good brakes and we’re good to go. Well not quite. Dad bought a front clip at the swap meet, to replace the antiquated stock Nova suspension.

Then I screwed it all up. Me? Yes, because after looking at TCI’s bitchin bolt in suspension systems, I started dreaming about how this car could be even better on the drag strip, AND turn corners. What? Yep, there are some really cool features to the TCI Pro-Touring IFS system, including two different upper control arm mounting locations that allow for two different camber curves. One that is aggressive for corner burning, and one that is suited more for the wonderful world of drag racing. And then I started looking at their rear suspension options and it was all over. With both 4-link and torque arm systems, depending on your preference and application, the sky is the limit on how these little Nova’s can perform. So out the window went the plans for a leaf spring suspension, and we were headlong into the full boat Bill E. Badass TCI setup. We have officially just snowballed this project into something bigger. Get all the information on the TCI Suspension we’re installing on the NOVA by CLICKING HERE.

The goal? Run 9’s or better at the drag strip, AND kill it on the autocross or road course. Is it possible? Hell yes it is. In fact it is almost too easy with the power we have and the parts that are getting bolted under this sucker from TCI. We still have lots of work to do, but we’re going to make a HUGE step forward by installing all this TCI suspension live before you eyes at the Street Machine Nationals in Pomona where you can watch. And the build team is going to include myself, my dad, a couple of TCI customers with Nova’s of their own, and of course the faithful TCI staff who will be there to answer tech questions and provide comic relief. We mean you Evan.

We have lots more to tell you about the project during the LIVE install, but now that we have given you the gist of the project we also need your help.


Since it will do double duty as a do it all hot rod, we’re thinking something like Two Faced, or Double Trouble, but we want your input and ideas. We know you are creative, so give us your ideas below!

We go live on Saturday March 12th at 9:30am Pacific Time, 12:30pm Eastern, so tune in by CLICKING RIGHT HERE TO WATCH THE INSTALL LIVE.

Here is some video about the Street Machine Nationals where we’ll be doing the install as well. Come join us at the show, we’ll be setup right next to the autocross!

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