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Tropical Storm Warning: Special Vehicle Engineering Is Releasing A Reborn GMC Syclone!

Tropical Storm Warning: Special Vehicle Engineering Is Releasing A Reborn GMC Syclone!

The Buick Grand National might have been the first monochromatic badass in black from General Motors, but it was not the last by a long shot. In fact, the next monster in the shadow’s cloak was another turbocharged V6 terror, but this time it displaced 4.3 liters, had all-wheel-drive, and to the surprise of many, had a bed. The GMC Syclone showed up with perfect timing for the sport-truck scene and proceeded to lay waste to just about anything dumb enough to try it out. All-wheel-drive and four wheels grabbing at the pavement like a politician at a pile of money equated to an instant legend. A stubby production run (1991 only for the Syclone, 1991-93 for it’s GMC Typhoon SUV twin) sealed the deal. Outside of the one moron that tried to dump one off as part of the Cash For Clunkers deal, Syclones are coveted units that will get the job done.

Small wonder then that Specialty Vehicle Engineering has made the move to bring to life a modern take on the powerhouse pickup. Built in either two or four-wheel-drive units, the new Syclones are based on the extended cab GMC Canyon pickup truck and will be powered by a supercharged 3.6L V6 that is pushing out a healthy 455 horsepower. Six-piston front brakes with two-piece slotted rotors will help bring the truck back down from whatever speeds are attempted. SVE’s in-house Sport Suspension Package drops the nose two inches, the tail five inches, and adds in traction bars, bushings, stouter shocks and a heavier rear sway bar. A stainless-steel cat-back dual exhaust setup lets the V6 breathe out, and of course the wheels and tires are upgraded…20×9″ wheels are fitted with Y-rated performance rubber. And to finish the package off, dress up bits on the outside and inside bring the theme home.

Only 100 of these new Syclones are going to be made and chances are good that you might want to make your mind up on ordering one very, very soon. Nostalgia sells strongly, even when the prices is $39,995 on top of the cost of the Canyon. That part is a bit cringe-inducing, but maybe this will give someone inside GM an idea or two. The midsize truck market is ripe for the taking again…look at the interest in a Raptor-ized Ranger, for example. Hoon-ready Canyons and Colorados are not a bad idea, limited edition or otherwise.


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6 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Warning: Special Vehicle Engineering Is Releasing A Reborn GMC Syclone!

  1. Steve

    It’s like we’re reliving the Duesenberg era again. only the rich can play here. Product planners should take a look at the 1968 Road Runner, 5.0 LX. Power to the people I say.


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