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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is Your Automotive Guilty Pleasure To Watch?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is Your Automotive Guilty Pleasure To Watch?

I’ll be up front with you, readers: I hate the phrase “guilty pleasure”. It’s one of the creepiest phrases out there to describe something. But for the sake of normal conversation, I’ll roll with it this one time because today’s question is worth it. Between television, video subscriptions and the endless void that is YouTube, many, many hours of time are lost due to the kinds of things we like to watch, and I’m just as (ugh) guilty as a good percentage of you. The only difference is, what is it that you like to check out that would qualify as a guilty pleasure?

Mine is a Fox Sports bit that usually hits YouTube: The NASCAR Radioactive series. It might be the only thing I enjoy from anything NASCAR related, because it’s the final gasp of seeing a driver’s true personality come to light for good, bad, or whatever. You’ll hear team owners wishing drivers luck before the engines fire off. You’ll hear jokes and banter to kill time as the miles are clicked off. You’ll hear the moment the nerves start to fray for drivers and crew alike, and you’ll hear it just about uncensored (Fox Sports mutes out the most colorful sections of commentary, but if you hunt for the HBO segments, it’s all out on display.) To some, it might be the final item needed to convert NASCAR into the Jerry Springer Show with engine noise, but to me, it’s the missing ingredient that the racing franchise needs above all else to bring back. Ok, that, and actual cars instead of silhouette racers.

What do you enjoy watching that eats up your time?

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6 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is Your Automotive Guilty Pleasure To Watch?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    My real guilty pleasure is thrashing priests who have been charged with child abuse with nettles whilst riding them through my town like an old cart horse – but in an automotive context it is watching what we Brits call trials. This involves mostly stock based two wheel drive cars negotiating hills and tracks that would even challenge a FWD vehicle. This is all done on ordinary road tyres which are deflated to supply more grip. These trails can last all night and also involve a lot of road miles in between hills. If you think this sounds tame, watch some videos on You Tube. The Fifth Gear extracts with Tiff Needel driving a Mk 1 Escort on The Exeter Trial stands out. Yes its got over 200 horsepower of Zetec under the hood, but its still a essentially a stock road car pretending its a rock rod.

    I warn you this is a strangely addictive sport to watch as you marvel at the drivers skill and determination to conquer even the most impossible hills!

  2. jerry z

    Started watching a show called “The Barn Find Hunter”. Its not racing but its amazing how much stuff is still out there.

    Also like watching “Urban Hillbilly” racing videos. These guys get around!

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