Big, Beautiful And Broken: Finnegan’s Bought A Monster Square-Body Box Truck!

Big, Beautiful And Broken: Finnegan’s Bought A Monster Square-Body Box Truck!

At what point does an automotive fixation become worthy of an intervention? Because we’re starting to wonder about our buddy Finnegan. We don’t have any issue with the original Ramp Truck, especially now that it’s sporting enough Cummins power to turn the contents of the rear axle into a fine powdery substance. It’s been cool since the moment it appeared. We haven’t been told about truck number two, which is a square-body box truck, but apparently having two heavy-haul GM rigs just wasn’t enough, because he went and bought a third one. Ok, we have to give him credit where it’s due…this is one super-clean rig. It’s only got thirty-something thousand on the clock and one look at the door jambs will tell you that it’s legit. The cargo box is clean, the interior is awesome (we’ll overlook the usual 1980s falling headliner issue) and once again, he’s rocking a big-block Chevy. That, and he’s making me feel better for owning that Cadillac last year, because this monster is FIFTEEN FEET LONGER that the limo was! But I can’t rub it in too badly…look at how happy he is to drive this big beauty!

Trust us, he’s happy with it. Though this big Bertha would’ve been Returned To Sender for what it does to him on the trip from Indiana to Georgia. I know where he was, and I know that I would’ve said at least ten words for every one that he lets slip on camera. And this is just part one of the trip back home! Mike, buddy…we aren’t worried, we’re just concerned.

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7 thoughts on “Big, Beautiful And Broken: Finnegan’s Bought A Monster Square-Body Box Truck!

  1. jerry z

    Sitting in a warehouse for years, wonder how many? Now we have to wait for part 2 on what broke on the truck. Fail.

  2. Whelk

    I think I would have grabbed a cheapie backup camera before even leaving the AutoZone lot. I don’t blame him for having a reaction to the Mazdarati getting lifted.

  3. b

    how long until this is hacked to yet another finnegan fail like the original ramp truck? wrong hands for this time capsule….

    1. Ian

      The original ramptruck wasn’t exaclty perfect when they bought it in the first place. Most of it’s problems were to do with them trying to fix stuff that broke at the worse possible time.

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