Classic YouTube: Tractor Pull Carnage from The Class Of 2015

Classic YouTube: Tractor Pull Carnage from The Class Of 2015

Pitting a stout truck against the best the weight sled has to offer will result in mechanical carnage. It’s an inevitability…pulling the sled is the ultimate test of the durability of numerous components in the system, from the engine to the lug nut studs that are holding the wheels on…every last item will be put to the test and if there is a weakness in that system, it will be found and it will be dispatched in haste. It’s why you see only the best axles, only the strongest engines, and why you see driveshaft hoop systems that are designed to contain the exceptionally stressed driveshaft. I’ve only shot at a couple of pulling shows and I’ve seen more than enough damage from them, including four diesel engines packing it in and at least three of the four Hemi engines grenading hard enough to catch fire, spilling the fuel mix onto the ground.

At any pulling event you go to, anything goes…engine, transmission, whatever…and there is now always someone there to record the carnage. This footage comes from WWPTV and their collection from the 2015 season. From simple driveshaft breaks to diesel runaways and more, just watch and calculate up the damage in your head. Let us know when you quit counting!

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