GLORIOUS: We Found Video Of A 6V53 Detroit Diesel Powered T-Bucket! Burns Tires In ALL Gears!

GLORIOUS: We Found Video Of A 6V53 Detroit Diesel Powered T-Bucket! Burns Tires In ALL Gears!

Chad hates every T-bucket has has ever seen, but if he lays eyes on this one and doesn’t like it we’re going to cal him out as being un-American because this one is beyond reproach! This is a classic style T-bucket with all kinds of Detroit Diesel six cylinder falling off the front and sides of it. To say that this little car is “all motor” would be the understatement of month. We found two videos of it. The first shows the car starting up and driving down the road, laying rubber in each gear as the driver shifts it. The second video is of the car sitting still but it is a closer shot so you can see more of the details. We literally cannot accurately express our joy over this car.

The Detroit Diesel 6V53 is a V6 style engine and if we were going to split hairs, this would be a 6V53T because it has the turbo mounted loud and proud right on top of the engine. Under the hood of a big truck you can’t tell but when it is hanging out in the breeze, having the turbo right in the driver’s line of sight is flipping awesome. The huge diameter single exhaust pipe dumps (sans muffler) on the passenger side of the bucket and while we may change little stuff like the wheels, the car is as right as rain. We have seen big “rat rod” style trucks before, and diesel rat rods with various smaller diesels like four banger Cummins engines, but we have never seen an actual T-bucket with a snarling two stroke diesel in it. We want a ride in this thing BAD!

We also want to track down the owner and feature the car in-depth because it has got to be a fantastic story. We’re reading that the car is located in Florida. Anybody know this guy? See it at cruise nights? Fill their pickup truck up next to it at the gas station? The big question is whether or not Chad will come to grips with the overall greatness of this ‘bucket and publicly admit that there’s finally one of these creations he likes and would want to drive. Whaddya say buddy?




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2 thoughts on “GLORIOUS: We Found Video Of A 6V53 Detroit Diesel Powered T-Bucket! Burns Tires In ALL Gears!

  1. john

    Back in the 80’s my marina neighbor had a Chris Craft Express cruiser with twin 6V53 not running through water lift mufflers. It was fine until they left their slip early in the AM. My fault for coming in late…. 🙁

  2. Chaun Benfield

    Talk about torque, wow, and I really like Legendary Bass player Lee Sklar’s turbo t-bucket with hidden features.


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