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Eight Minutes Of Epic: The Coolest Isle of Man TT Video We’ve Seen…Period.

Eight Minutes Of Epic: The Coolest Isle of Man TT Video We’ve Seen…Period.

The Isle of Man motorcycle trials are less a race and more a test of human skill and sheer balls. Since 1907 motorcycle races have been held on the tiny island and for decades, this Isle of Man event was part of the world motorcycle GP championship series. Can you believe that the event is celebrating 110 years of existence?! This year’s running will happen in early June.

Back in the 1970s, the race was removed from the island as people got concerned about safety. What were the concerns? Well, more people have died racing on the Isle of Man course than anywhere else and during any other race in the world. The little island kept the race alive on its own and the event continues to thrive, now attracting some of the fastest bikes and most daring riders in the world. You’ll see footage in this video of guys riding 170mph in the rain, touching tires at over 150mph, and riding close enough to actually reach out and touch one another. Not to mention their millimeters close proximity to stone walls, farmer’s fences, and other obstacles.

The event is run on a 37 mile course that makes the ‘Ring look like a ferris wheel ride. Undulations, blind corners, straights that are more than a kilometer long, and other things we haven’t quite found words to describe yet, all lie in wait to catch riders lacking in focus. In this video there are very few crashes, just a handful in the eight minutes that it runs. The point is not the wrecks. The point is to marvel at how amazingly skilled these riders are and how willing they are to push the envelope. Not a little mind you, they push that mother into next week!

The next time you see some jackhole pulling wheelies on the highway please don’t be impressed. Those idiots would last about two and a half seconds on this course with the riders you’ll see below. We don’t ride motorcycles, but if we decided to pick up the trade we’d be asking to learn from the crazy sons-a-bitches in this video. If your heart rate does not quicken during the next eight minutes, seek medical help. You may be dead.

Thanks to Dean for the tip. 



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2 thoughts on “Eight Minutes Of Epic: The Coolest Isle of Man TT Video We’ve Seen…Period.

  1. BeaverMartin

    I love watching the IoM TT each year. It’s like WRC for motorcycles. Rider skill takes the day. I even like the new electric bike class.

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