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Freiburger And Dulcich Rip Apart A Mercury Cougar’s 351 In The Pilot Episode For “Roadkill Garage”!

Freiburger And Dulcich Rip Apart A Mercury Cougar’s 351 In The Pilot Episode For “Roadkill Garage”!

Can you rip out an engine after work on Friday, rebuild it in over the course of the weekend, and dump it back into the car so that you can drive the car to work on Monday morning? That’s the premise behind the pilot episode of Roadkill Garage, which showcases David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich doing “the wrong things the right way”. The Cougar is a car that Freiburger was playing around with last year: it’s a 1967 model that has a swapped-in 1972 351 Cobra Jet backed up to a manual trans, and it sounds sick…not the positive definition, either. The lifters and valves are making an OHV death rattle that needs to be addressed before things go from bad to “I need a beer…” Using the timeline given, the guys rip the 351 out, disassemble it, and find all sorts of lovely surprises, including a wiped cam and a roasted flywheel and clutch. Seems like someone was having a bit of fun with this car! The plan is to do a quickie once-over on the 351, including a dingle-ball hone and new rings, but will the teardown discoveries bury that plan before reassembly? You’ll have to click play below to find out.

Also, Roadkill Garage isn’t going to be a YouTube episode. This is a teaser that is part of Motor Trend on Demand, the subscription service that all of the Motor Trend networks have been pushing for months now. The premise is sound: in addition to shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day early, you get the exclusive shows like Roadkill Garage and all sorts of motorsports. If you like it, opt in. If you don’t want to pay, the shows that have been on YouTube will stay on YouTube free, but you won’t get to see Roadkill Garage. Again, the call is up to you.

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14 thoughts on “Freiburger And Dulcich Rip Apart A Mercury Cougar’s 351 In The Pilot Episode For “Roadkill Garage”!

  1. Brian Cooper

    If TEN wants me to watch Motor Trend On Demand, then they need to work with Netflix or Roku. I don’t see how it’s worth $6 per month to see this show, and to see Roadkill a week earlier. There are a lot of people like me that have cut cable and only pay for Netflix. I’m considering cutting that since there is a lot of free content on Roku. Paying for this one show isn’t likely to happen. It’s entertaining, but not really that good.

    1. Whelk

      Motor Trend on demand is on Roku. They still want their fee though.

      As magazines dry up I can’t really blame them for trying to get alternate sources of revenue.

  2. Nick D.

    I liked it, pretty funny stuff. Dulcich is, as always, a hilarious slightly disheveled goof, glad to see more of him. I love the complaints about what Motor Trend is doing. It’s $4 a month, which is nothing really, and nobody is making you buy it. Plus, at least they aren’t cutting all the free content like /Drive attempted to do.

  3. dave allen

    I wont be purchasing as being in the UK i cant acess all the content, a message popped up telling me so. Roadkill has sold out!

    1. Brian Lohnes

      This is a totally different show from the normal Roadkill. “Regular” Roadkill with David and Mike will continue to be on YouTube free and clear

      1. dave allen`

        Yeah I get its a different show, but I’d still like to watch it as I like all stuff they do. I was contemplating subscribing, but not now I can’t access all the content.

    2. Rustowner

      Most of the content is watchable. How has Roadkill sold out? It’s still available for free on You Tube? You just won’t be able to get Roadkill Garage. Don’t be a pillock.

  4. 3rd Generation

    Pay money for THIS ?

    There should be an arrest made for crimes against machinery.

    Don’t forget your medication and call me in 2 years when you get your hands clean.


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