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Morning Symphony: Raising Hell On The Skidpad At Burnout Outlaws 3

Morning Symphony: Raising Hell On The Skidpad At Burnout Outlaws 3

I need noise. I need to hear the sound of the valvetrain unable to keep up with the revolutions per minute. I need to hear the outright torment of rubber. I’m sure I’ll read about how this is all just a waste and how it’s immature and pointless. Say whatever you will, but the Australian burnout contest is right up there with diving in head-first into a mosh pit or being near an explosion that can physically knock you flat onto the ground…the adrenaline rush of being that out of control, the amount of endorphins that rush the nervous system, and the overall atmosphere of what you are doing will leave you higher than you’ve ever been. You might see it as just screwing off in an arena for the amusement of others, and you aren’t wrong, but every driver will get out of their vehicle feeling a peak that can only be understood once experienced yourself.

In other words, don’t knock it until you try it. It’s events like Burnout Outlaws 3, which recently went down at Sydney Dragway, that gives these performers the fix they need.

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3 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: Raising Hell On The Skidpad At Burnout Outlaws 3

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Morning symphony – hear the screams of mentally-challenged morons burning alive as their over stressed motors explode and incinerate them in their seats,,,

    1. John T

      You sit there and criticise everything with a Chev badge like a mindless moron, no matter how powerful. You’re not a car head’s arsehole – and you think you’ve got the right to criticise others? People making engines live under that level of stress are morons? Fuck you. And as for people burning alive in their cars, you think that’s a funny thing to say? You, sir, are a dickhead of the highest order. Come to Australia, go to a Summernats and start saying this shit to people’s faces. You won’t make it out alive you wanker.

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