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Not Another Sacred Cow: Bob Mayer vs. The 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Not Another Sacred Cow: Bob Mayer vs. The 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

In over twenty years of vehicle ownership, I’ve tried my hardest to own different vehicles. For the most part, I’ve succeeded, with the exception of an entire Chrysler line of vehicles, the 1977-79 Chevrolet full-size coupes, and G-body Oldsmobile Cutlasses. In fact, the Oldsmobile Cutlass was the first car I owned multiple copies of: my second car was a 1978, then we bought a 1979 parts car, then there was the other 1978 that was family-owned that I narrowly missed acquiring and the 1985-ish car that belonged to an Army buddy that I often was driving around. The G-body Cutlass line for the most part came with upright, classy but unpretentious styling, a reasonable powertrain selection and a nicely optioned interior. No wonder Oldsmobile subsisted off of the nameplate for decades…it was cars like this that sold time and time again.

Now, to be fair, none of my Cutlasses were anything to crow about. My 1978 belched steam clouds, the parts car got picked cleaner than a Thanksgiving turkey, the missed 1978 had rust to deal with and the 1980s car was a beater in every sense of the word…reliable, but seriously worn just the same. But even still, I always look at these cars as the best choice of their era. Then Miami’s own Captain Honesty comes along and gets his hand on one of the first of the downsized G-cars for his own testing. He skewered the Fox Mustang, he demolished the Fiat Strada…but how did he like the Cutlass?

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3 thoughts on “Not Another Sacred Cow: Bob Mayer vs. The 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

  1. Riverratcustoms

    Had 2 4-door fast backs, a 78 and 79, back in the day. One had the 260, other had 3.8 v6. Both motors were toast when purchased. Paid around $100 bucks a piece at that time, saved from the crusher. Put smallblock chevys in both. Then they were good cars. Fast and reliable. The original drivetrains were complete garbage. They each only had around 70,000 miles when the original motors quit(bodies were mint still). Them were the days when I could put together a good car for less than $500 bucks…

  2. David

    I haven’t seen one of these…in a long time!

    Many, more then likely, died on the Short Tracks in the Midwest.

  3. Robert Myers

    If anyone is interested, I\’m selling my all original 1980 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Coupe with 54k original miles. It is white with a blue landau top, V8 and automatic with a dark blue velour interior. It\’s been in my family since new. It has the original rocket wheels and practically new tires. Asking $5800.

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