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This Barn Find Camaro Hasn’t Run In 21 Years. Will It Fight, Or Will It Fire And Run?

This Barn Find Camaro Hasn’t Run In 21 Years. Will It Fight, Or Will It Fire And Run?

Getting old cars to start, especially those that have been sitting for decades seems like a really big task, but sometimes it just isn’t that hard at all. It seems that most people are afraid to even try most of the time, but we find it fun as hell to see what we can make run with nothing more than fuel, a wire or two, and a fresh battery. In this video from Vice Grip Garage you’ll laugh as this Camaro gets fiddled with prior to starting for the first time in 21 years. One fun thing to watch is how, at 27.10, the distributor is arcing to something on or near the firewall.

Oh and did we mention that this guy wants to drive the car home? And that it is a 6 hour drive? Yeah, this is going to be interesting but fun. Fun to watch that is. This makes me want to find a junk car that hasn’t ran in at least two decades and do exactly what he’s done with this Camaro. I wonder what we could find for $200?


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10 thoughts on “This Barn Find Camaro Hasn’t Run In 21 Years. Will It Fight, Or Will It Fire And Run?

    1. John

      You’ve done Very Well VGG. Skills unmatched in humor and common sense. ( Lol ) You have created a following that is really remarkable as we are all seeing.
      You deserve more recognition and credit than most in your efforts to entertain while enjoying your passion ! ** I certainly hope to see all the ” spots on the map ” of your collection that you shared 4 sure !
      ( And what that collection is lol !! )
      Personally, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from you and I thank you.
      Stay young, stay healthy, prayers to you and your family. Your jus’ a remarkable individual. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Good things happen to good people. Enjoy the ride, ……. Want nothing but the best for you….. Signed, “Who the heck cares”… I’ve truly enjoyed your videos and hard work ethic

    2. Jeff

      I watch all of Vise Grip garages videos.He is entertaining funny an down to Earth guy.He gets you to wanna get to work on something.He really should be on Motortrend network.Just saying he is Roadkill worthy.Did I say that right Derrick ? Lol

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  2. Jerry Atric

    Watch his video with the Chevelle rescue. Vice Grip Garage is a working man’s show and subscribe to their channel! No skinny jeans, 100k builds or Discovedy Channel gloss. Vice Grip Garage is the best.

  3. matthew belyea

    I\’ve learned some tips and trips from VGG – I watched the Chevelle rescue and was hooked on this guys abilities.

  4. Sam Orvomaa

    VGG is worth following. I live in Finland and recently met the feller while on vacation in the US by a certain amount of dumb luck (missed an event he was at, but spotted Rocky the Chevelle in a parking lot in front of a bar about 40min later), and he was very amicable and obliging during our random encounter.

    Funny stuff, entertaining as heck to those of us who\’ve dabbled with similar stuff, yet tackles more difficult projects than just your average Joe would undertake without help, making it equally educational.

  5. Vincent trokey

    I stumbled across one of his videos on the white Chevy pickup 65 or 66 any way I really enjoy watching.He shows how to get it done with what he has , just an ole boy messing with the stuff he loves to do . I’ve subscribed to his channel now and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  6. Myra Brunson

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