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Roadkill! Dodge Has Sponsored The Misfits And Entrusted Them With Two Hellcats And A Viper – Carnage Ensues!

Roadkill! Dodge Has Sponsored The Misfits And Entrusted Them With Two Hellcats And A Viper – Carnage Ensues!

Ever since Freiburger and Finnegan started teasing out info that involved Roadkill, Dodge and something involving Hellcats and a Viper, lots of people have been waiting with baited breath to see just what the hell happened that had the cars dirty, the drivers dirtier, and both of them wearing shit-eating grins. These are new cars…granted, three of the most bad-ass rides out of new sponsor Dodge’s catalog, but it’s Roadkill. New cars aren’t normally welcomed…so what happened that changed all of that?

On the plus side, Dodge’s sponsorship of Roadkill means that David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan can continue to live the dream life making videos we absolutely love for at least another year. They won’t make the show all-Mopar, they won’t force them to drive new junk all the time and are even kicking in some extra dough so that the dynamic duo can have some kind of big meet-and-greet later on. That’s sweet!Somewhere in the middle of all of this sponsorship talk, however, a Dodge employee left three sets of keys lying around, unguarded. And most of you already know exactly what happened: they roped in Carlos from Motor Trend and Fred from Dirt Every Day and proceeded to inflict so much abuse to the two Hellcats and one Viper that even PETA was notified about the beatings. They had racks of Pirellis mounted on wheels ready to go, impact wrenches and jacks nearby to replace shredded rubber, and short of slamming them full-steam into a wall, they tried it all. And the whole time they are laughing like maniacs…sincerely, their laughter is kind of worrisome as they rally the Charger around a motocross track and when Freiburger suggests that even without a dyno they can still “strap ’em down”, the tone of his voice sounds both exceptionally evil and impatiently happy, like Christian Grey with a moronic office assistant. They even put a warning card in the film, for those who might cringe at a new car being flogged like a cheap rental. Hey, somebody has to beat the holy hell out of a Hellcat, and who better than these two?

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13 thoughts on “Roadkill! Dodge Has Sponsored The Misfits And Entrusted Them With Two Hellcats And A Viper – Carnage Ensues!

  1. keezling

    I normally look forward to each new installment of Roadkill for it’s creativeness, humor and originality. There was none on this outing, in fact a group of high school aged punks high on slurpees could outshine this installment on all counts. I like to think I picked up SOMETHING by watching. Actually I did, where the back button is on my laptop! I hear some guy named Clarkson is looking for work…

  2. Andy

    I was fired up over this episode for a while, but I’m over it!
    I think the whole issue was taking something I would love to have, but can’t afford and bashing it is annoying.
    The whole time you’re thinking “damn, if this thing has ZERO value that you’ll smash it, give it to me instead so I can enjoy it for YEARS instead of a few hours……”

  3. Jim

    This episode didn’t do much for me. Taking them out and making a lot of smoke is one thing but trashing really nice cars in the dirt isn’t funny at all.


    This episode made ANGRYJOE angrier….

    It was easy to see where it was going from the start. I wouldnt treat anything I own like that and I sure as hell wouldnt do it to something that I didnt own. Making smoke is one thing….running a Viper off road,,,.was jsut dumb. I stopped watching at that point because it pissed me off so much.

    I am sure the nuthuggers will chime in saying if it was you you would have done the same thing…Just like they did when people were up in arms about them cutting up the muscle truck. They all jumped to the defense of DF and MF by sayign it was their truck and blah blah blah…

    It just sickens me that some of us are in a situation where we cant have a cool car at all let along even smell the interior of a Hell Cat…and these two dont do anything worthy of it…they just trash them…Oh goodness, how fun…lame, lame, lame. Hell, my 10 year old idolizes these two and he was upset that they did what they did….

    This epoisode was as bad as one of the first “Top Gear America” where they destroyed 3 nice american classics…

    But I digress….all in all…this episode was a negative 5 Meh’s on a +5 Meh rating.

  5. Tedly

    I seriously do not get why people are so against this episode. The only thing that is really different is there none of their cars in it. Wait, I take that back, the Muscle Truck set the benchmark for the burnout contest. How many street cars have these two goofballs taken offroad and flogged the holy hell out of? Go back and watch the old episodes, you’ll see this is not unusual in any way.

  6. mooseface

    I actually really liked this episode.
    DF and MF are really cool guys who love to have fun and love cars. After all the misery they have to suffer through for typical Roadkill episodes, it was awesome to see them just be kids in a candy store, they’ve earned it in spades.

  7. Murray

    Lost a lot of respect for Frieburger and Finnegan. Normally enjoy the show but off-roading these cars was pointless. I doubt that Frieburger would off-road the F-Bomb, yet he’s good with senselessly beating a Hellcat on a motocross track?

  8. Jay Bones

    I didn’t even finish this episode, I stopped at 28:07. They’d well jumped the shark by then.

  9. old guy

    ‘ off road abuse ” ???? What are the whiners referring to ?
    Driving around a dirt lot in high power cars is NOT off road abuse !
    I’ve gotten more air in a ’64 Galaxie – on asphalt !
    The damage to the cars was from driving into the sandbanks/corner berms on purpose .Could have done the same damage in a parking lot .
    And – what did anyone expect when given those three cars with permission
    to thrash the crap out of them ???
    Thought they were a little conservative my self

  10. Mater

    those complaining about trashing these cars. you are aware these are preproduction cars that are going to be turned into a cube any way right? rather have them go out like this

  11. jerry z

    I’ve never read more hypocritical responses as these were on here. If you were given the opportunity to trash these car, you wouldn’t do it? PLEASE, cry a friggin river.

    I would have done exactly what F&F did and not care one bit. just drive it like you stole it!

    By the way, this was an awesome episode!

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