Rub Some Dirt On It: Tractor Pull Carnage Compilation For The Win!

Rub Some Dirt On It: Tractor Pull Carnage Compilation For The Win!

When you test the ability of your equipment at it’s maximum performance perimeters, you will find that when things go wrong, they go extremely wrong. There is no such thing as a minor failure…if you pop a coolant line, you’re blowing the entire contents of the system out in one steam cloud. If you blow an engine, it’s more like a grenade because nothing will be left un-injured when the loud “pop” noise happens. And if fire is involved, just hope that fire extinguishers are handy. Truck and tractor pulls produce some of the most impressive carnage we’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the system is…you can be in the biggest, baddest thing to hit the dirt or you could be on a souped-up lawn mower, the result is the same: the failure will be big.

Every last incident you’ll see on this video is an exercise in engineering. and what can happen when boundaries are overstepped. Too much boost and the engine becomes a pile of metal shavings. Too much torque at the rear axle and there goes the wheel, far away from the tractor it showed up to the party with. And if the front axle on a 4×4 class truck lets go…well, we hope we move as fast as one old boy did when he bailed over the wall in a freaking hurry!

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